Application for Tree Planting
PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that I desire to plant a tree/s on the:
Verge: Adjoining my property house number: _______
Street: ________________________________________
Town: ________________________________________
Reserve: Location of reserve: _______________________________________________________________
Specific location within reserve: ________________________________________________________________
Park: Name of Park: _______________________________________________________________________
Specific location within park: ___________________________________________________________________
Number of trees you wish to plant: ______________________________________________________________
Species of trees you wish to plant: ______________________________________________________________
Reason for planting: _________________________________________________________________________
Note: Approval is required for tree planting on Council land
This is to ensure appropriate species and site selection decisions are made and that the on-going care of
the tree is allowed for in Council’s budgets and plans.
If approved, tree planting by Council make take place up to 12 months from the time of approval in order
to secure funding (where appropriate), to enable batch planting as well as allow for the best time of year to
Tree planting not approved by Council may be required to be removed at the owner’s expense or be
recorded on the owners property file as the responsibility of the property owner to maintain.
Planting sites has to be appropriately designed to minimise damage to adjacent surfacing and
underground services through the use of approved root containment or specially designed tree pits.
Name: ____________________________________ Signature: ______________________________________
Postal address: _____________________________________________________________________________
Phone: ___________________________________ Mobile: _________________________________________
Email: __________________________________ Date: __________________________________________
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