Leased Premises: Unit #:
City: State:_______ Zip:
1. No person is permitted to occupy or use the Premises unless authorized by the Lease Agreement or with written permission of Owner
2. When having a house guest for more than days/weeks, or if there is a change in occupants, a Rental
Application form must be completed and approved by Owner /Agent prior to move in.
3. Pets of any kind are not permitted to occupy the premises unless authorized by Lease Agreement or with prior written permission of
Owner/Agent. If you require an assistance or companion animal, please request the Reasonable Accommodation Form.
Residents are not allowed to make or permit noises or acts that will disturb the quiet enjoyment of neighbors and the community at all
times. Any noise, disturbance, or activity which would, in the sole and absolute discretion of Owner and/Agent, be reasonably likely to
annoy or disturb other Residents is a material lease violation and constitutes grounds for eviction. Resident shall be liable for any fines
incurred by the owner of the property due to noise violations of the tenant.
1. Residents are responsible for their conduct and the conduct of all household members and guests. Residents will be charged for the
vandalism/damages caused by their occupants and guests.
2. Residents and/or guests shall not block any of the halls, stairways, entry ways or vestibules of the buildings and shall not congregate
in these areas or use these areas for recreational or social purposes. Parking lots and driveways are not to be used for recreational
3. Residents may not change existing locks without the written permission of Management and providing Management with a copy of
the key.
4. Contact the Manager for all repairs immediately before they become emergencies. Call the Manager or notify them in writing.
Resident will be responsible for all damage to the apartment community caused by a delay and/or failure to report a maintenance
5. Garage door openers, door keys, mailbox keys and gate keys must be returned to the Manager at time of vacating. If not, Resident
will be charged for the cost of changing the locks and replacing the keys.
6. Resident shall have a friend check on their unit when they will be absent for an extended period.
7. Management assumes no responsibility for loss or damage to items in storage facilities.
8. Waterbeds are not permitted without a signed agreement and proof of an insurance policy.
9. Bicycles, skateboards, scooters and rollerblade are not allowed in common areas of the property except in pre-designated areas.
10. Individuals under the age of 14 must be supervised by an adult at all times while in the pool facility [California Code of Regulations
11. The recycling/trash dumpster areas are to be used only for disposal of trash and/or recycling. All refuse shall be placed in the proper
receptacles as provided. Health department regulations require that this area be kept clean and neat. Secure all refuse in plastic bags.
Break up all boxes before throwing them into the dumpsters. Do not dispose hazardous waste items such as medical waste, household
batteries, light bulbs, or other items prohibited by local/state laws. Do not dump old sofas, chairs, or mattresses in dumpsters.
Residents must haul these items to the correct landfill site or make other arrangement for their disposal/pickup.
12. Resident shall refrain from making any alterations to the interior or exterior of the premises without written approval from the
Owner/Agent. This includes but is not limited to: (a) changing or removing any part of the appliances, fixtures or equipment in the
unit; (b) painting or installing wallpaper or contact paper in the unit; (c) installing washing machines, dishwashers, dryers, fans,
heaters or air-conditioners in the unit, (d) use of adhesive hangers for pictures, (e) installation of a television antenna/satellite dish
without a written agreement. Nothing is to be hung on the exterior of the building or in the halls except where facilities are provided
for the use of all residents such as a storage area or drying facilities. Signs or advertising of any kind are not to be affixed to any part
of the Premises, except as allowed California Civil Code 1940.4. Windows may not be covered with foil or similar coverings.
Condominium draperies/mini blinds may not be removed nor shall any materials be placed or hung between the window and window
coverings on the outside of the window. Window screens may not be removed. Resident shall be responsible for the cost of restoring
the Premises to its original condition where any alteration is made.
13. Resident is responsible for the cleanliness of the Premises and to maintain the unit in a clean and sanitary condition [California Code
Section 1941.2(a)], including the immediate area outside their unit, including front door, entrance, patios and balconies.
14. Residents’ personal belongings, including but not limited to towels, rugs, brooms, mops, bicycles, motorcycles, mopeds, and tools are
not to be stored or hung on the balcony or patio. Plants must not be placed on patio walls or balcony rails. Exceptions:
15. The speed limit through the property is 5 mph. Vehicles must be parked in authorized spaces. Garage doors should be closed at all
times if applicable. No washing or repairing of vehicles may be done on Premises, unless in designated area. Recreational vehicles
are prohibited on the premises. All automobiles must be operational at all times on the premises. Management does not permit
automobile repairs to be performed on the premises. Additionally, no vehicle may be operated or parked in front of a dumpster, any
median strip, red curbs, landscaped area, unpaved area or any other area not specifically designated for parking. Vehicles parked
outside the lines or occupying more than one space, blocking traffic, backed into a space or parked in any space other than their
assigned garage or allowable space may be subject to boot or towing at the resident’s expense.
16. Resident(s) shall not keep or store any combustible items such as gasoline, propane, or similar on Premises, not limited to rental unit,
balconies, patios, garage or parking area.
17. Residents will be responsible for the costs associated with repair of appliances used improperly.
18. Residents are prohibited from putting rice, potato skins, carrots, celery, banana peels, onion skins, metal objects, bottle caps,
aquarium rocks, coins, fruit pits, coffee grounds, cooking oil/grease, bones, shrimp shells, ties, toothpicks or match sticks in a
garbage disposal. Such items tend to jam the mechanism and may cause need for repair at your expense. Drain blockage in sinks
and/or toilet caused by the Resident will be cleared at resident’s expense. The only item permitted to flush down the toilet is toilet
paper as it is designed to breakdown in water restricting blockage. Other products, including facial tissue, wipes, personal hygiene,
paper towels, and napkins are not permitted.
1. Every effort was made to place your unit in good condition at the time of rental. If any item is defective, please notify Management
immediately so that you will not be held responsible. You have a Move-In/Move-Out form to complete. This form documents for you
and management the condition of your unit. Be sure it is returned to the Owner/Agent within seven days of moving into your unit.
Failure to return the Move-In/Move-Out form will serve as acknowledgment to the good working order of each item on the list.
2. Damage to the unit, its equipment or furnishings, above normal wear and tear, must be paid within thirty days of receipt of a final
account statement.
1. Communities with the above facilities should follow the posted hours and rules. They are for your enjoyment and should not be
abused. Residents and guests agree to conduct themselves in a quiet, well-mannered fashion so as not to cause any disturbances or
interfere with the safe use or enjoyment of the facilities by other residents and guests.
2. No alcoholic drinks in the common areas of the property. Non-alcoholic drinks must be in metal or plastic containers. No glass
3. Visitors and guests must be accompanied by the Resident they are visiting while using these amenities.
4. Residents and guests understand that they are using the facilities and equipment at their own risk.
5. Fitness center equipment and sauna must be used only in the manner intended by the manufacturer. Residents and guests agree to
keep hands clear of all moving parts when near equipment. Residents and guests shall not move or make modifications to
equipment in any manner whatsoever. Outside equipment and trainers [unapproved by Management] will not be allowed in the
fitness center. It is the Resident’s responsibility to consult a physician before exercising and using the exercise equipment. Residents
and guest understands that because of the nature of the activities in the fitness center (Activities), there is an element of danger and
the possibility of physical injury (or the damage to physical health) in the performance of the activities, during the use of the
equipment and of other facilities. Residents and guests, therefore, agree to use the facilities and to perform the activities solely at
their own risk. Management will not be responsible for any damages or injury occurring to Residents or guests while using the
exercise equipment. Such risk of injury includes (but is not limited to): injuries arising from use by Residents and guest, or by others
of equipment and machines, injuries arising from participation by Residents and guest or other supervised or unsupervised activities
or programs throughout the premises; injuries and medical disorders arising from the Activities such as heart attacks, strokes, heat
stress, sprains, broken bones and torn muscles and ligaments, among others; and accidental injuries occurring anywhere at or about
the premises.
6. The barbecues are for the residents use and must be shared by all in the community. Residents are required to properly clean grills
after use [cleaning instructions available in leasing office]. Resident shall not allow grease to drip on the ground. Failure to properly
maintain barbecue will result in Resident’s loss of grilling privilege.
Additional rules concerning pool and spa hours and use are posted at each individual community and supersede any contrary
provision of these rules.
1. Pool and Spa hours are as follows: ___________________________. Entry to pool area after hours or when closed shall be
deemed a material lease violation and basis for eviction.
2. The above facilities are provided for residents’ enjoyment. Two guests are permitted to use the pool and spa per unit. Residents
must accompany their guests at the pool and spa, unless otherwise authorized. NO LIFEGUARD WILL BE ON DUTY.
Accordingly, persons using pool and spa do so at their own risk and the owner and management assumes no responsibility for
any accident or injury.
3. No alcoholic drinks in the common areas of the property. Non-alcoholic drinks must be in metal or plastic containers. No glass
4. Only proper swim attire allowed in the pool and spa. No thong bathing suits, cut-off jeans or street clothes allowed.
5. No diving allowed in pool or spa.
6. No beach balls, volleyballs or other such recreational items are allowed in the pool or pool area.
7. An adult swimmer must accompany all occupants and guests under the age of 14 years at all times [California Code of
Regulations §65539(c)].
8. Boisterous or dangerous behavior in the pool area will be cause for removal and restriction.
9. Pets are not allowed in the pool area. Assistance animals may be exempt from this rule.
10. Swimmers must shower before using pool and spa, including removal of tanning lotions or oils.
11. Persons having or who have had active diarrhea within the previous 14 days shall not enter the pool or spa water.
12. Pool furniture is for residents’ comfort and should not be abused or thrown into the pool. Please place a towel over pool
furniture to protect it from discoloration from body oils, tanning lotions and oils.
13. To prevent slipping accidents and discoloration of carpets, please dry off thoroughly before returning to your unit or entering any
community building or hallway.
Owner/Agent does not provide law enforcement or private protection services for Residents. In case of a disturbance or emergency,
Resident should request assistance from the appropriate local authority.
By signing these rules, I accept and understand these conditions as part of my Rental Agreement. I further understand that the House
Rules and Policies may be changed, amended or modified at any time without notice.
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