Midlothian Building Standards
Confirmation of competency for air tightness testing (v2)
1. S
ite information
Building warrant number
Plot number(s) (if relevant)
2. Ai
r tightness tester information
3. M
embership of professional organisation
ATTMAAir Tightness Testing & Measurement Association
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
iATS - Independent Air Tightness Testing Scheme
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
As a transitional measure, testers who hold a current BINDT
registration may continue to test and report on new dwellings only
until the expiry date of that registration.
Organisation accredited by United Kingdom Accreditation Service
(UKAS) against the international standard ISO/IEC 17025:2005.
Name of organisation:
Membership grade
Undertaking air tightness testing.
Confirming the results of air tightness testing detailed in e) above.
4. D
I/we confirm that the above details provide an accurate representation of the competency of the air tightness
tester for the above detailed building warrant.
Signed: Dated:
Name/Company (in block capitals):
Guidance notes:
1) Competency levels:
Level 1
Air tightness tester able to test dwellings and non-dwellings up to 4000m
gross external envelope volume, tested as
a single entity with a single blower door fan.
Level 2
Air tightness tester able to test both Level 1 and large buildings up to 80,000m
external envelope area and/or up to
15 storeys tall.
Level 3
Testers who have been assessed for a higher level of expertise can test Large, Complicated and High Rise (LCHR),
phased and zonal hand-over buildings
Level 1
Air tightness testing for single dwellings and other small simple buildings up to 4,000m
Level 2
Air tightness testing for non-simple buildings over 4,000m
Level 3
Air tightness testing for large, complex, high rise and phased handover zonal buildings.
2) Details of BINDT registered testers and their registration expiry dates will be checked on the BINDT website.
3) Air tightness testing should be carried out by persons who can demonstrate relevant, recognised expertise in measuring the air permeability of
buildings. This should include membership of a professional organisation which accredits its members as competent to both test and confirm
the results. Where an air tightness tester cannot confirm accredited competency to confirm the results of air tightness testing, any submitted
reports will not be accepted.
4) Data Protection Act 2018. For information on how your personal data is used by Building Standards visit our data protection page here.
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