Customer Care Survey - Midlothian Building Standards Service
FORM H (May 2018) (Continued overleaf)
Following your experience with Building Standards, I would appreciate a few moments of your time to complete this
questionnaire relating to the service you received.
Please return your completed form using the enclosed prepaid envelope OR email a scanned image to:
Q1. The Building Standards Service(s) you used - please select item(s) either from category a) or b):
a) Approval:
1) Obtain a Building Warrant
2) Inspections and obtain a Completion Certificate
b) Miscellaneous:
1) General advice
2) Copy of documents
3) Property enquiry
If possible, please provide the reference number of your application:
Q2. You are the:
Other (please specify):
Very satisfied
Neither satisfied
or dissatisfied
Very dissatisfied
Don’t know or
not applicable
Q3. Midlothian Building Standards was easy to access (for example location,
opening hours, web site, etc.).
Q4. Time taken for a member of staff to respond to your telephone calls,
emails, letters or visits to our office.
Our targets:
a) Telephone - answer within 5 rings, or provide an answer
phone and respond within 24 hours.
b) Emails and letters - respond within 10 working days.
c) Office visits - meet at reception within 10 minutes.
Q5. Someone took responsibility for your application/enquiry.
Q6. Time taken to deal with your application/enquiry from start to finish met
the timescales we promised you.
Q7. Sufficient information was available from Midlothian Building Standards.
Q8. The quality of the information you received.
Q9. The information we provided was easy to understand.
Professionalism and Staff Attitude
Q10. Midlothian Building Standards staff answered your queries in a
professional and knowledgeable manner.
Q11. You were treated fairly throughout the process of your
Q12. You were treated in a polite and courteous manner.
Satisfaction with Service
Q13. Your view of our overall service.
Q14. Your view of the final outcome.
FORM H (May 2018)
Q15. If you have answered any of the above questions ‘dissatisfied’ or ‘very dissatisfied’, it would be helpful if we
could talk to you, to understand the issues you faced and to try to ensure that they do not occur again in the
future. If you have any other queries about the service we provide, we would also be pleased to talk to you.
Would you like us to contact you?
Your preferred contact details:
Please make any additional comments or suggestions that may help us to improve our service.
Without identifying individual customers, we may occasionally use customers’ feedback comments to publicise our
service. If you agree to your positive or negative comments being used in this way, please tick Yes in the box below.
Thank you for taking the time to complete this form. Your feedback is important to us, and will help to assess
and improve the quality of the Midlothian Building Standards Service.
John Delamar
Building Standards Manager
0131 271 3322
Data Protection Act 2018
By submitting this form, you agree to Building Standards using the data to assess the performance of the
Building Standards service. For information on how your personal data is used by the Council visit our data
protection page here.