Midlothian Building Standards
Validation of installation of gas protection for extensions to dwellings (v2)
1. Site information
Building warrant number
Plot number(s) (if relevant)
2. Gas protection installer information
3. Declaration (see guidance notes below)
On behalf of the applicant for the above detailed building warrant, I/we confirm that the gas protection installation
to serve the extension detailed in this submission has been installed in accordance with:
1) the manufacturers’ recommendations and guidance,
2) the relevant British Standards or European Standards,
3) the approved building warrant, and
4) the Building (Scotland) Regulations 2004, as amended.
Name/Company (in block capitals):
Guidance note:
In signing this declaration, the installer of the gas protection (gas membrane or gas membrane and venting) is
confirming (where required):
a) All surfaces to be jointed were dry, clean, and free from grease, mortar droppings, etc. The membrane
has been correctly lapped and jointed to ensure continuous protection.
b) Corner details have been prepared to ensure continuous protection.
c) For a cavity wall construction, the membrane has been continued across the cavity wall.
d) Details around service penetrations such as pop up etc. have been prepared in accordance with the
manufactures guidance.
e) Any defects, such as tears or cuts, have been repaired in accordance with the manufactures guidance.
f) Details of maintenance requirements (if any) and/or limitations of the systems installed have been
passed on to the building owner.
g) Data Protection Act 2018. For information on how your personal data is used by Building Standards
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