Town and Country Planning (Scotland) Acts
Please refer to the accompanying Guidance Notes when completing this application
Limited space is available on the form, provide additional information on a separate sheet of paper
Title Ref No.
Forename Forename
Surname Surname
Company Name Company Name
Building No./Name Building No./Name
Address Address
Postcode Postcode
Telephone Telephone
Mobile Mobile
Fax Fax
Email Email
1. Applicant’s Details 2. Agent’s Details (if any)
Grid reference (at mid-point of site):
Easting: Northing:
Latitude/longitude position
(at external corners or edges):
3. Location of Proposed Development: Please identify/describe the location of the site or sites:
What is the application for? Please select one of the following:
New site
Change of Use of Existing site (including species change)
Alterations/extension to existing site
Variation or removal of condition
4. Type of Application
*If there have been previous planning permissions on this site please provide the reference number of the most
recent one:
Reference No: Date of decision:
Please provide details of any other consent for the site (i.e. Crown Estate, Scottish Ministers)
4a. Species (if mixed use please indicate)
Fin fish Species
Shellfish Species
Other (Please specify) Species
5. Description of the Proposal
Please describe the proposal including any change of use:
Please tick the relevant boxes for the type(s) of equipment which will be involved (see notes for full explanation)
Circular cages Square/rectangular cages Longlines
Raft/grids Moorings Feed barges
Feed pipes to shore Pontoons
Accommodation on the marine installation(s)
Other (please specify)
Have the works already been started? Yes No
If yes, please state date and, if completion, the completion date:
Date started: Date completed:
If yes, please explain why work has already taken place in advance of making this application
Please state the dimensions of the site in metres and the total site area in both square metres and hectares:
Site dimensions Total site area
length(m) Width(m) (sq.m) (hectares)
Existing surface area:
Proposed surface area:
Existing moorings area:
Proposed moorings area:
Is the surface area of the site 2 hectares or above? Yes/No
If yes please include with your application a pre application consultations report along with a design statement
6. Development Area
7. Equipment
7a. Primary
Existing Proposed
Type of units (eg cages/pens/longlines/rafts/trestles)
Number of units
Shape(s) of units
Cage sizes/longline length
Number of cage/longline/raft/trestle group
Mooring grid dimensions for each unit (circular cages)
Other equipment – specify below
Existing Proposed
Barge/feeding station type (e.g. automated feed barge)
Capacity of feed barge(tonnes)
Number, type and colour of buoys
Lighting (underwater/ surface)
Navigational equipment
Other equipment
7b. Ancillary Equipment:
If yes, please provide details.
8. Production Information
Maximum stocked biomass (tonnes)
Maximum production biomass per cycle (tonnes)
Proposed production cycle (months)
Stocking densities
Fallow Periods
9. Operation of Facility /Landing/Servicing
How will the site be serviced?
Where will the site be served from? Details of the shore base location(s)
Normal daily operational hours of site (feeding, deliveries etc)
Operational activities during harvesting and stocking periods (method of delivering stock etc)
10. Supporting Information
Will the site be used in a rotational basis with other sites? Yes
Are there agreements in place with other nearby fish farms and/or fishing interests? Yes
Please provide details.
What operational and management practices are to be put in place to ensure site containment and
disease control? Please provide details.
What methods will be used to control the impacts of predatory wildlife (e.g. top nets, anti-predator nets or Acoustic
Deterrent Devices. With ADD’s provide name of the manufacturer and the model, also the proposed pattern of use
(ie continuous/ scare-response/ seasonal). Please provide details.
Note: site-specific strategy on predator control may be required which takes account of conservation legislation.
Data on protected species in the area may also be required. These should be provided as an attachment.
What level of local employment will be generated directly as a result of the proposal?
What restoration works are proposed in the event of cessation of operations?
Nutrient enhancement calculations, benthic impact, water column and assimilative capacity along with impacts on
biodiversity are all issues that are of interest to consultees in the planning process and it may aid their ability to
comment on the application if information on these matters are included within your application.
Please provide this information or any other relevant information below.
11. Discharges (not required for shellfish developments)
Has an application been made to SEPA under The Water Environment (Controlled Activities) (Scotland)
Regulations 2005 Yes No
If yes, please give the date of approval and the maximum biomass approved.
12. Water Quality
Has a water quality report been prepared? Yes No
If yes, please attach a copy of the report with your application
If a shellfish proposal, please indicate status of water (e.g. is it shellfish waters)
13. Environmental Assessment
Has the development been the subject of a screening and or scoping opinion under the Environmental Impact
Assessment (Scotland) Regulations 1999(as amended)? Yes No
If yes, please provide a copy of the screening and or scoping opinion
Was an Environmental Assessment required? Yes No
If yes, please submit the environmental statement along with the application
14. Pre-Application Discussion
Have you received any advice from the planning authority in relation to this proposal? Yes No
If yes, in what format was the advice given?
Meeting Telephone call Letter Email
Please indicate who you discussed this proposal with: name & date
15. Planning Service Employee/Elected Member Interest
Are you / the applicant / the applicant’s spouse or partner, a member of staff within the planning service or an
elected member of the Council? Yes No
Or, are you / the applicant / the applicant’s spouse or partner a close relative of a member of staff in the planning
service or elected member of the planning authority? Yes No
If you have answered yes please provide details:
16. Land Ownership Certificate (includes seabed)
(a) I hereby certify that 21 days before the date of the application: (tick one box only)
1 No person (other than the applicant) was the owner of any of the land, including the seabed, to
which the application relates, or an agricultural tenant.
2. The applicant does not own all the land involved, including the seabed, in the application site, but
has given a copy of the requisite notice under Regulation 15(1) to the owner(s) or agricultural tenants
of any of the application site.
They are:
Name of Owner
Address where notification sent
Date Notified
(b) I further certify that 21 days before the date of the application: (tick one box only)
1. None of the land formed part of an agricultural holding.
2. The applicant has given notice to every person who was a tenant of an agricultural holding, any part of which
formed part of the application site.
These persons are:
Name of tenant
Address where notification sent
Date Notified
Please complete the following checklist to make sure you have provided all the necessary information in support of
your application. Failure to submit all this information may result in your application being deemed invalid.
Appropriate fee (please refer to the guidance notes or Scale of Fees)
Signed and dated Land Ownership Certificate
Location plan including north point and scale (Site boundary shown in red)
Admiralty chart showing the application site
Site plan or block plan (showing the layout of the site, equipment and grid reference and co-ordinates)
Plans and sections of the cages/cultivation equipment, including all ancillary equipment
Photographs and/or photomontages
(where these have been specified as necessary by the planning authority)
Provide copies of the following documents if applicable:
Environmental statement:
Landscape and visual impact assessment
Design statement
Pre-application consultation report (required when sites with a surface area of 2 hectares or above)
Water Quality report
Other, please specify:
I, the applicant/agent certify that this is an application for planning permission. The accompanying plans/drawings
and additional information are provided as part of this application.
I, the applicant/agent hereby certify that the attached Land Ownership Certificate has been completed
Signature: Name: Date:
Any personal data that you have been asked to provide on this form will be held and processed in accordance with
the requirements of the 1998 Data Protection Act.