MV3757 5/2018 s.343.60-.72 Wis. Stats., Trans. 105 Wis. Adm. Code
Wisconsin Department of Transportation
Division of Motor Vehicles
WisDOT Driver Training School Program
P.O. Box 7920, Madison, WI 53707-7920
Telephone: (608) 264-7495
Fax: (608) 223-7705
Driver Training School Coordinator
Prior to submitting an application for a school and proceeding to Step A below, you will need to have your School Name approved.
In addition, if you have only a Home Office, WisDOT needs to visit the location. If you have questions, please email or call us.
School Name has been Approved
Home Office Only WisDOT On-site Visit
School Name:
A. Forms and Fees
Business Liability Insurance
Form MV3683 Driver Training School Office Certification
Form MV3110 Driver School Application + $190.00* (2 yrs.)
Form MV3684 Driver Training School Classroom Certification
Form MV3112 Driver Instructor Application + $50.00* (2 yrs.)
Form MV3764 Driver School Bond
Form MV3264 Driver Training Vehicle Record
Vehicle Insurance
* Actual fees for Driver School or Instructor license may vary based on the established expiration date.
B. Student Record
Contract / Agreement #
Lesson Dates
Total Number of Instruction Hours
Cooperative Driver Testing Program Scores (CDTP optional)
Lesson Duration
Type of Lessons / Services
Fees Charged
Student’s Birth Date
Vehicle ID (VIN)
Instructor’s License Number
Student’s Home Address
Instructor’s Name Last, First, Middle
Student’s Name Last, First, Middle
C. Contract / Agreement
Address of Student / Customer
Signature of Customer
Types of Lessons / Services
Agreement Date
Signature of Parent / Guardian if student is under 18
Consecutively Numbered
Signature of School Representative
Fee Charged
Student’s Name Last, First, Middle
School Name
“This constitutes…” Statement *
* This constitutes the entire agreement between the school and the student and no verbal statement or promises will be recognized. REFUND
verbiage (if added): This school will not refund any tuition or part of tuition if the school is ready, willing and able to fulfill its part of the agreement.
D. Fee Schedule
A list which shows the maximum fees that will be charged for each of the services listed on the Contract / Agreement.
E. Course Summary / Outline (Suggested 2 pages per lesson type: Classroom, B-T-W, 40 hr. Instructor, 10 hr. Refresher)
Send only the Course Summary to the WisDOT with form MV3110 Driver School Application and keep the lesson plans on file at the
school office. Each summary shall specify a minimum of one main topic or more for each hour of instruction. To be approved, all
required topics as indicated below must be included in the summary for classroom and / or Behind-the-Wheel (B-T-W).
F. Lesson Plans The plan for each lesson or session must include:
Title of Lesson / Session Number
Reference Materials
Training Aides
Time Allotted
Type of Lesson Lecture, video etc.
1. Classroom All of the following topics are required for the classroom course:
Awareness of Motorcycles, Bicycles, Pedestrians
Pre-driving Skills / Maneuvers
City Driving
Psychophysical Aspect Alcohol, mood, health etc.
Environmental Dynamics
Responsibility of Vehicle Operation
Freeway Driving
Rural Driving
Hazards Electronic Messaging While Driving
Traffic Citizenship and Highway Safety Progress
Hazards Farm Animals, Machinery
Vehicle Mechanical / Control Features
Hazards Railroad Crossings (30 min.)
Vehicle Ownership Responsibilities
Move-Over Law
Vulnerable Highway Users (“VHU”) (30 min.)
Organ and Tissue Donation (30 min.)
2. Behind-the-Wheel All of the following topics are required for B-T-W training course:
Backing and Y-turns
Left and Right Turns
City Driving
Introduction to the Automobile
Rural Driving Include multiple lanes, freeway
This checklist includes the minimum requirements. Submit documentation with this checklist to the address or FAX above.
Clear Form