Wisconsin Department of Transportation
MV2142 3/2017
Terminal ID Number
The attached application could not be completed electronically for the following reason(s):
(Check at least ONE box)
Act 277 OWI
Administrative suspension
Change of ownership
Damage judgments or safety responsibility (SR) cases
More than two owners currently listed on the record
Out-of-sequence title
Title is not complete error message
Two or more liens currently listed on the record
Wisconsin title no longer on record
Other (describe):
(Include any pertinent error messages or screen prints)
Include a completed MV1 form and all necessary documents
Include a check for appropriate fees
Make check payable to: Registration Fee Trust (RFT)
Note: This form is intended for lien holders that process only lien-related transactions (no transfer of ownership). If you are unable to
complete a title transfer electronically, please use form MV2132
Request for Manual Processing Dealer & Agent.
Mail to:
WI Dept. of Transportation
P.O. Box 7949
Madison, WI 53707-7949