18-30 Residential events procedure
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18-30 Residential events procedure
When does this procedure apply?
The chance to organise residential events with other young women in guiding is an important part of our offer
for members aged 18-30, so we’re piloting this procedure to help you plan safe, high quality events.
Is this residential a Duke of
Edinburgh expedition?
Are any participants in this
residential under 18 on the
rst day of the event? *
Is the trip being organised to
work towards a Girlguiding
award or qualication?
Will participants in this trip
wear Girlguiding uniform?
Will money pass through
Girlguiding bank accounts
to organise the event?
Will Girlguiding training be
offered at the event?
Will communications about
this event (including on
social media) give the
impression that this is a
Girlguiding event?
This procedure does not apply to a group of guiding friends
going on holiday when none of the above are true.
Duke of Edinburgh expeditions should follow the
guidance on the girl-led residential page
under the title “Peer group residentials.”
If you are organising a residential involving under 18s,
this procedure does not apply. You should follow the
Going Away With or (for residential events led by 14-18
year olds) the Lead Away Permit process, including
completing a Residential Event Notication (REN) form.
Joint events
When a residential event is a
joint event with another
organisation (such as Scouts,
The Trefoil Guild, SSAGO),
the relevant guidelines for
working with that
organisation should be
followed, and this procedure
should be followed for
Girlguiding members
attending the residential in
a Girlguiding capacity.
* this procedure still applies if participants
bring their own children to be in their sole
care, and the children are not considered
participants themselves. See pg4
Organisations connected to
Girlguiding, such as SSAGO
and the Trefoil Guild, do not
need to follow this procedure
when organising events for
their own members.
18-30 Residential events procedure
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Registered charity number 306016
Notes for event leaders
All residential events run by and for 18-30s in Girlguiding must nominate an event leader. The event leader is
responsible for taking appropriate steps and making decisions to ensure the safety and wellbeing of participants,
and that the event is run in line with Girlguiding regulations and the code of conduct.
Use this form to notify your commissioner
about events run by and for 18-30-year-olds that involve an overnight
stay at least six weeks before the event (a shorter period may be accepted at the discretion of your commissioner).
For international events, a copy should also be sent to your international adviser and country or region ofce.
It can be submitted electronically.
The people that you submit this form to may want to talk through your plans with you, or suggest that you get
support or training before the event. The event leader has nal responsibility for the event.
Guidance for planning
• We recommend you use the Information and Consent for Event/Activity form to share details of the event with
participants, and receive information on participant needs and their emergency contact information before
the event.
• All participants should hold A Safe Space Level 1 (which can be completed online) and should abide by the code
of conduct throughout the event. This includes any non-Girlguiding members attending.
• At least one participant must hold A Safe Space Level 2.
• At least one participant must hold a current rst response or equivalent rst aid qualication
• Complete a risk assessment, including details of your accommodation/venue - Risk assessment template
Activity nder – please check for guidelines and requirements for all activities.
Participants with disabilities – speak to all participants about their access needs, and where necessary seek
advice from your inclusion adviser and check the guidance on our website.
• Health Information Forms (UK or International) –all adults must complete the appropriate form for the nature of
the residential. These should be held securely by the event leader or nominated rst aid lead. (For the purposes of
this pilot, we ask that all adults complete a health form, even though this is usually only compulsory for under 16s)
Check whether you need additional insurance for your event.
• Home Contact Agreement –follow the home contact system guidance.
Going Away with Guiding has detailed guidance on planning a safe and high-quality UK and international
residential events. The Going on residentials page on the Girlguiding website also has useful advice.
Contact your outdoor adviser or international adviser for help and support.
Longer, larger or international events
When you are organising events with more than 8 people or lasting more than 4 nights or including overseas travel
the event leader should:
• Submit a draft of this form 12 weeks before the event, with a draft risk assessment.
• Hold A Safe Space Levels 1-3.
Guidance for commissioners receiving the 18-30 residential events form
This form is to notify you of an 18-30 residential event. You do not need to approve or give permission for the event,
but you should read the form and take the following actions:
• Conrm that an appropriate risk assessment has been completed.
• Conrm that the guidelines are being followed for any adventurous activities.
• Conrm that a home contact system is in place.
• Conrm that any parents/carers bringing children to the event have signed the form on p4.
• For international trips, you should send this form to the relevant international adviser for her advice, and ensure
that appropriate travel insurance has been organised.
After this, please sign the form to acknowledge receipt and return it to the event leader.
If you have any concerns about the level of experience and/or training that the event leader has, please raise this
with her and discuss opportunities to access support and training as required.
If your commissioner is a participant in the event, the form should be sent to the commissioner one level of responsibility above her.
If you don’t have a volunteer role it should be sent to your country or region ofce.
18-30 Residential events procedure
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Registered charity number 306016
Name of event:
Start date: End date:
Event leader details
Name: Membership number:
Contact number: Contact email:
County: Country/region:
Venue name and address:
Names of all participants
(including event leader)
and any children they are
caring for
For large scale events, attach
your registration document
Membership number if
Role on residential if
applicable (eg rst aider)
A Safe Space Level and
other qualications or
relevant experience for
this role
I conrm that I have taken appropriate steps to ensure the quality of this event and the safety and wellbeing of
participants, according to Girlguiding guidance, and I have organised the following:
¨ Risk assessment
¨ Home contact agreement
¨ Travel insurance certicate (for international only)
¨ Any participants bringing children to the event have read p4 ‘Children at 18-30 residential events” and signed to
indicate their agreement.
I conrm that I have checked that all adults have Safe Space Level 1.
The home contact for this event is:
Name: Membership number:
Email: Contact number:
Event leader’s signature: __________________________________________
Advice/comments from commissioner:
Commissioner’s name:
Signature to acknowledge receipt:
After the event, the event leader should keep this form for 12 months and then destroy it.
18-30 Residential events procedure
© Girlguiding 2019 www.girlguiding.org.uk
Registered charity number 306016
Children at 18-30 residential events
The event leader should notify others attending the event if any participants will be bringing children to the event.
Before a decision to bring children to an 18-30 residential event, the event leader must ensure the parent/carer
agrees to the following:
The parent/carer must complete a health form and Information and Consent for Event/Activity form for their child.
• The parent/carer must advise the event leader in advance of reasonable adjustments the child will require.
The parent/carer must provide an emergency contact for the home contact system who will not be attending
the event.
The Parent/carer must be informed that the other adults at the event will not be subject to Girlguiding’s recruitment
and vetting processes for volunteers. They may not have a current DBS/PVG certicate or Access NI clearance.
• The parent/carer has sole responsibility for the child.
The event will be designed for adults, and the parent/carer has sole responsibility for the child’s participation,
wellbeing and behaviour.
If a lot of participants are bringing children, you might want to consider running a family camp, rather than an
18-30 residential event.
I, the parent/carer of (child’s name)
conrm that I have understood and agree to the above.
Parent’s name:
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