University of Guelph
Student & Volunteer Use of University Owned or
Leased Licensed Vehicle Approval Form
I _______________________________________ voluntarily agree to drive a University of Guelph
vehicle from _______________________ to ______________________ on date: ____________
for the purpose of:
I hold a current valid Province of Ontario Driver’s License, Class __________________________ ,
driver’s license number _________________________________ , expiration date ______________ .
The vehicle to be driven is make _________________ , model ___________________________ ,
license plate number ____________________________ , U of G ID number ________________ .
I am fully familiar with the Ontario Highway Traffic Act and I undertake to comply with the
provisions of the Act at all times.
I am aware of, and fully comply with the University policy and procedures on the operation and use
of University owned, leased and rented licensed vehicles as specified in University of Guelph
policy 1.2.25 – Licensed Vehicles.
___________________________ __________________________ ____________________
Student Signature Student ID Number Date
Statement by Department Chair or Designate:
I approve the use of the University of Guelph vehicle by the registered student named
above. I am satisfied that the information provided above is accurate to the best of my
_________________________________ ___________________________________
Department Chair/Designate Department Chair/Designate
(Name Printed) (Signature)
The original completed and signed form is
to be kept on file by individual departments. A copy is to
be emailed to Treasury Operations at
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