SUNY Jefferson
Zoo Technology Program
Application for Admission
The State University of New York, Jefferson Community College's (JCC) Zoo Technology Program requires all
applicants to complete the following application process. Please refer to the college’s website,, or
catalog for complete information concerning policies; or contact JCC Enrollment Services at 315-786-2437.
Before Application: All applicants should visit and complete the online informational survey.
**Note: Current JCC students can begin with Part 2.
Part 1:
New students must submit a completed JCC College Application, (available on the JCC website, provide an official high school transcript, GED test scores and/or college transcripts.
Please forward official transcripts directly to:
SUNY Jefferson Enrollment Services
1220 Coffeen St.
Watertown, NY 13601
Returning students must call Enrollment Services to determine status of current matriculation.
New and returning student documents will be reviewed to determine if college placement (CPT) testing is
required. Transfer students may be exempt based on previous credit. A minimum level of math and English
(MTH 098 & ENG 100 with no remedial reading coursework at Jefferson) is required for Zoo Technology.
Pending review of the Zoo Technology Application (Part 2), applicants will be admitted into one of the College's
open admission degree programs (usually the Math/Science program with a Science concentration)
** All documentation and placement testing must be on file with Enrollment Services before Zoo
Technology Supplemental Applications (Part 2) can be reviewed.
Part 2:
Complete the following Zoo Technology Supplemental Application and submit it to the SUNY Jefferson
Science Division Office: and cc.
OR mail to:
SUNY Jefferson Math Science Division Office
c/o Science Division Secretary
1220 Coffeen St.
Watertown, NY 13601
Eligible applicants will be informed in writing of the decision (expect 3 weeks) and directed to register for
classes. If you have not heard from us after completing both parts 1 & 2, please feel free to contact us.
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SUNY Jefferson Zoo Technology Program Supplemental Application
General Information: First Name:________________________ Last Name: __________________________
Email:________________________________ Phone: __________________ Jefferson ID J_______________
Address:______________________________ City, State: ____________________ Zip:_________________
1. Please note that Zoo Technology coursework begins in the Fall and must be followed in sequence.
Applications can be submitted at any time. Space is limited.
2. Please answer the following by checking the appropriate blank. Are you:
a) A new student to Jefferson? (i.e., 1
time taking classes here)** Yes____ No____
b) Currently enrolled at Jefferson? Yes____ No____
c) A student who previously enrolled in a degree program at Jefferson,
took some time off and is now coming back? Yes____ No____
d) Applying to re-join the Zoo Technology Program? Yes____ No____
**If you answered yes to a), you must submit a College application to the admissions office. Please
complete the Jefferson Community College application, available on our website or paper copy, and
submit required high school and college transcripts.
3. Are you likely interested in living in Jefferson's residence halls? Yes____ No____
Professional Background: Applicants are not required to have experience working with animals; however it
would be beneficial since applicants should understand the requirements of the Zoo Technology program, and
careers working with zoo animals.
4. Have you reviewed web information about the JCC Zoo Technology Program and zoo careers
( and Yes____ No____
5. Have you cared for animals before? Yes____ No____
If yes, what types of animals do you have experience working with?
6. Have you worked or volunteered at a zoo in any capacity before? Yes____ No____
Name of Zoo? __________________________ Was it AZA accredited? Yes____ No____
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7. Do you have experience with public speaking and / or customer relations? Yes____ No____
If yes, please describe your experience:
Academic Preparation:
8. In evaluating applications for the Zoo Technology Program at SUNY Jefferson, academic background
will be considered. Please let us know if you have completed any college coursework (particularly in
biology, algebra, or English) and where the courses were taken.
Please note: Transcripts and Computer Placement Testing (CPT, when necessary) will be used by the review
committee in addition to this question.
9. What degrees or certifications have you previously received (if applicable):
If yes, from which institution(s):
10. Provide a ONE PAGE ESSAY explaining why you would like to pursue a zoo-focused career. The
essay should be well written (spelling and grammar), but most importantly we would like to know that you
have researched this very unique career choice and that the decision is based on more than "I love animals".
Zoo animal keeping is very different from other animal jobs and it is not right for everyone. Please tell us
why you've chosen this special path!
11. Please include any additional supplemental material that will strengthen your application and illustrate
your interest, abilities, or experience. For example, a resume and/or letters of recommendation
(especially from animal care professionals) will help.
Student Signature:_____________________________________ Date: _________________________
For Official Use Only: CPT REA _____ ENG _____ MTH _____
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