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Jefferson Community
College Locker Policy
Jefferson Community College makes lockers available to students to facilitate the daily storage of their learning
materials and items related to their studies. The College manages lockers to ensure responsible use of property and for
the health
and safety of individuals.
. · ·
The College establishes rules, guidelines and procedures to ensure responsible use and to control the contents of its
lockers. By utilizing the College's lockers the students acknowledge and agree that locker use is a privilege and
subject to immediate termination without notice, students will adhere to the rules, guidelines and procedures
established by the College.
Lockers are available to registered students and are issued on a first come, first served basis. To register a locker
students can either go to the Campus Safety and Security Office or submit this form online.
Lockers are for individual use only and are not to be shared. Locker contents are the sole responsibility of the
registered occupant of the locker. ·
The College does not charge an administration fee to students to cover the College's costs of administering the
locker program.
The College is not in any way responsible for a locker's contents or liable for the loss of or damage to locks and
stored in lockers. ·
No person shall store in a locker: knives, guns, ammunition,weapons of any kind, explosives, prohibited
drugs, pornography, illegal or illicit items, or any other substances or items deemed by the College to be
harmful, offensive or inappropriate.
Student Responsibility:
1. To reduce the risk of theft, students are encouraged to use a sturdy and secure lock on their lockers. Keys or lock
combinations should not be given out to others or shared. ·
·2. Students should not store money, wallets, purses, jewelry,credit or debit cards, checks or personal items of
high value in lockers.
Students are required to maintain their locker's interior and exterior in a clean, neat and undamaged condition.
Marking, defacing or graffiti on lockers is not acceptable.
Students must remove their lock and empty the locker’s contents at the end of each school year (summer)
and upon completion of their program.
Student Locker Registration:
Students can request a locker by going to the Campus Safety and Security Office or online. Students may
request a locker in only one building.
A security officer will register a locker number in the student's name and the registration period will be for
academic year. If a student requires a locker over the summer he or she may be granted an
extension or can register
just for the summer period.
The locker number will be recorded at the top of the locker policies and procedures form and provided to the
Student Annual Locker Cleanout & Termination Cleanout:
Students shall remove their locks and locker contents upon their withdrawal from the college, dismissal or program
Student lockers will be cleaned out annually (prior to summer break) by the locker's occupant.
Lockers not cleaned out prior to the summer break will be tagged and occupants given 7 days’ notice to remove
their lock and clean out the locker. If the locker is still locked after the 7 day notice period the lock will be cut and
locker contents emptied. Locker contents will be bagged in joint custody by two employees and stored for 30 days.
Students must contact Campus Security to retrieve their belongings. All bags not claimed within 30 days will be
Occupant Requests for Lock Cutting:
Lock cutting services are available upon request. When lock cutting is requested, the locker's occupant must be present
when their lock is cut. The occupant must first verify their locker and that the lock being cut belongs to them.
Students must produce their valid JCC ID card and registered locker number. Students must sign a Lock Removal
Request form authorizing the College to cut the lock from registered lockers.
Locker Searches/Inspections:
The College is entitled to and will, from time to time, in its sole and unfettered discretion, open any locker, cutting
locks for that purpose with or without notice to the locker's occupant and with
without the occupant being present,
·search and remove its contents or inspect its condition. Students will be notified if their locker was opened and they
were not present. The College may in its discretion share the results of a locker search/inspection with the police or
other authorities.
Should the College cut a lock for search/inspection purposes, without permission of the occupant, the
College will replace the lock at the College's expense. The College will not replace the lock if the locker is
unregistered, abandoned,or violates any other rules or guidelines.
Generally, when a search/inspection -is carried out at least two College employees will be present. Should all or a part
"of the locker's contents be removed by the College, a written inventory will be prepared and a copy given to the
occupant. The removed contents will be stored in a secure location.
If the contents are deemed by the College to be harmful,
or inappropriate they willbe retained until the owner
can immediately and safely remove them from the campus.If the items are deemed to be illegal the College will notify
police or appropriate ·authorities. ·
The College may in its sole discretion carry out or authorize searches/inspections for any reason. The following is a
partial listing of examples of when the College will exercise its discretion without notice:
Locker abandonment
Suspect that the contents may be illegal, illicit or deemed by the College to be harmful, offensive or
purposes related to suspected or alleged criminal, illegal or inappropriate activities
Risk to the general good of the College
Risk to the general good of the student or student population
Unregistered locker
Physical damage to or defacing of the locker
Odors (spoiled/rancid food, garbage or smelly contents)