Yes, I want to be a Trail Angel!
I am pleased to inform you that I have named the New York-New Jersey Trail
Conference as a beneficiary of my estate plan. I understand that this is a non-binding
statement. Although I intend this gift to remain in force, this document does not
constitute a legally binding pledge.
Name _____________________________________ Phone ___________________
Address ______________________________________________________________
City _____________________________ State _______________ Zip __________
Email _________________________________________ DOB _________________
Signature __________________________________________ Date ____________
I understand that this future gift entitles me to membership in the Trail Angel Society and
that the membership list may be published in Trail Conference publications and website.
However, the nature and size of my intention, as well as the names of anonymous donors,
will be kept confidential.
My future gift:
Is ______ percent of my estate worth
approximately $ _________________________
is an amount I would prefer to keep private.
Trail Angel Society Member Recognition:
Please list me publicly as a member of the
Society. My name should appear as
Please DO NOT list my Society membership
publicly. I prefer to remain anonymous.
Kindly return this completed form to:
Development Director,
Planned Giving,
New York-New Jersey Trail Conference
600 Ramapo Valley Road
Mahwah, NJ 07430
Please contact us
with any questions:
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