Office of Graduate Studies
Writing Placement for Graduates (WPG)
Waiver Form
Last Name First M.I.
Student I.D. No.
Major Area Code/Telephone No.
Concentration (if applicable) Saclink Email
Student Signature: Date:
Second Bachelor’s
students are not eligible for the waivers listed below
Please check the box next to the standard you are using to seek a waiver and
attach the required documentation
ɷ Have MA/MS, Ph.D., or JD from a US-accredited American University or an equivalent degree with coursework in the English
language as evaluated by the Office of Graduate Dean (attach
copy of school transcript with degree noted).
ɷ Published a refereed first – or single – authored academic journal article in the English language (attach a copy of the journal cover and
first page of article with your name).
ɷ Graduated with a baccalaureate degree or equivalent from a US-accredited University with a cumulative GPA of 3.7 or above (attach
copy of baccalaureate degree transcript).
ɷ Received a 4.5 or higher on the analytical writing portion of the GRE/GMAT (attach verification).
ɷ Instructor of record of a college-level writing course taught in the English language at a US-accredited University approved by the
Office of Graduate Dean (attach
Submit the waiver form and attachments to the Office of Graduate Studies. A review of your request will be undertaken, and
you will be notified of the decision via email (correspondence will be sent to your saclink email).
NOTES: Effective Fall 1996, students admitted to the University may not use CBEST or the English Diagnostic Test as a waiver for the graduate writing
proficiency requirement. Effective Fall 2010, Undergraduate GWAR does not satisfy the Graduate GWAR.
ɷ Granted ɷ Denied
Graduate Dean
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