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Parrish 128
Application to
Withdraw (W) from a spring 2020 semester course
Deadline: Friday, March 27, 2020
After drop/add and up until the end of the 9
week of the semester, students may, with Advisor
approval, withdraw from a course with the permanent grade notation W. After the deadline date
a withdraw will result in an NC on the student’s record.
NAME_________________________________________________ ID#______________________
Graduation year________________
Crs Ref No Subj Num Sec Course Title
Students must return this completed form to the Registrar's Office in Parrish 128 or by
email to registrar@swarthmore.edu
Your signature: 1. Confirms your application
2. Means y
ou understand the importance of saving the receipt as your only
recourse for proving your course withdrawal.
3. Means you understand withdrawals are not reversed.
4. Verifies that you have read and understand this form.
Signature of student__________________________________________________ Date__________
All withdrawals need to be approved by your academic advisor. If your approved program for this semester is
fewer than four credits, indicate your plan to maintain satisfactory progress for your class. Satisfactory
progress is defined as follows: a rising sophomore must have completed 6-8 credits; a rising junior must have
14-16 credits and have applied for a major; and a rising senior must have 22-24 credits and have a major.
Not Allowed: Fewer than 3 credits per semester.
Students, if this withdrawal puts you below 4 credits for this semester, please briefly explain the reason for
going below 4 credits, and your plan to make up the credits:
Signature of Academic Advisor _________________________________________ Date__________
After the ‘W’ has been recorded
we will send you a copy.
Please keep the copy as a
receipt for your records.
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