Volunteer Resources and Engagement
Dear Island Health Volunteer Applicant, thank you for your interest in volunteering with Island Health.
Volunteering in health care is a privilege and a serious commitment. Please indicate your response to
each of the requirements below.
Please send completed document to
Your Name:
Your email address:
Please click on the box next to your chosen response (or place a check mark if the document is printed).
n/a = not applicable
Are you willing to commit at least 60 hours (approximately 6 months) of volunteering?
Typical assignments: 1 shift per week (shift length anywhere from 1.5 4 hours,
depending on assignment); there are some exceptions.
Yes No
Our initial intake process can take 4-6 weeks and includes setting up an interview.
Some sites do periodic intake which may extend this time frame. Will this pose a
problem for you?
Yes No
Online learning is required for all Island Health volunteers.
Applicants for Acute Care Hospital or Community / Inpatient Mental Health &
Substance Use settings: 8 hours of online learning is required. Are you willing to
make this commitment?
Applicants for Residential settings (long term care) or Community Health Units: 2
hours of online learning and 1 hour of additional reading is required. Are you willing
to make this commitment?
Are you willing to attend additional site and assignment training?
Yes No
Do you have questions regarding our requirement for a Ministry of Justice Criminal
Record Check, including Vulnerable Sector Verification (both Children and Vulnerable
Adults)? Note: this screening is completed through our department and does not need
to be in place prior to interview.
Yes No
Do you have spoken English (ESL Level 6 preferred)?
Yes No
Do you understand that an email account is required?
I understand
I acknowledge that Island Health strongly recommends staff and volunteers do not
wear: nail polish, long nails, artificial nails, extensions, nail jewelry, or hand or wrist
jewelry (although plain wedding bands and medical alert bracelets are acceptable). I
understand that by following this policy I contribute to improving the health outcomes
for the patients, residents, and clients, as well as protecing my own health.
Do you agree to comply with the BC Influenza policy: either have an annual flu vaccine
or wear a mask during flu season (typically December to March) each year?
Yes No
Youth Volunteers: Parent / Guardian consent is required if under 19 years of age.
Will this pose a problem for you?
These requirements support excellent care and provide you with a good foundation for volunteering in health care.
We appreciate you taking the time to consider whether volunteering with Island Health is the right choice for you.
Site Address:
Volunteer Resources: Trusted. Included. Valued.
Island Health Site:
Do you agree to update relevant training/certificates annually? (approx. 1 hour)
Yes No
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