2013 Fall Festival Vendor Registration Form
1. Exhibitor is to provide their own table and chairs. Due to limited space, crafters operating from a trailer require prior
2. Booths should be attractive and with all packing materials, etc., out of sight. Tables should be draped for public
exposure. Please price your crafts clearly.
3. Exhibitors are responsible for weather protection of items and we DO NOT provide security. This is an OUTSIDE
sale. Please bring cover for your booth in case of rain. Canopy/tent cover is acceptable with tie-down weights only, as
you will be placed on a paved surface. No sharp tent pegs are allowed. We do NOT furnish tents.
4. The Farmington Downtown Development Association reserves the right to refuse anyone for any reason.
5. Vendors must comply with all local, state and federal ordinances and laws. Anyone found to be in violation of any
ordinance or law will be asked to leave immediately.
6. The selling of counterfeit merchandise
and trademark infringement will not be
tolerated. If found in violation, you may
be asked to leave, and items may be
confiscated by law enforcement. No
refunds will be given.
7. The Farmington Downtown
Development Association, Farmington
Chamber of Commerce and City of
Farmington are not responsible for any
lost, stolen, or damaged property or
8. You will be given an assigned space on
site the morning of the event.
9. Entry fees are NOT REFUNDABLE
UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. If spaces are unavailable at the time of your application; however, your
application fees will be returned to you.
10. Vendors are responsible for determining their liability for collecting and remitting and sales tax that may be collected
or required by law.
11. NO VEHICLES are allowed on the courthouse lawn.
Full payment must be made at the time of reservation. Checks, cash and credit/debit cards are accepted for your convenience.
Please return your completed application no later than September 17, 2013. If you have questions, please feel free to contact the
Farmington Downtown Development Association at 573-756-3615 or at chamber@growingfarmington.com.
2013 Fall Festival Vendor Registration Form
Mailing Address: ____________________________________________
City:__________________________ State: _______ Zip: ___________
Phone:________________ Email:________________________________
Number of 12' x 12' Spaces Needed _________ @ $25 per space = $__________________
( ) Yes ( ) No Electricity
TOTAL ENCLOSED $__________________
Did you display at Fall Festival in 2012? Yes _____ No _____
If so, would you prefer to keep the same space assignment as 2012*? Yes _____ No _____
* Every effort will be made to accommodate these requests when possible, however, space assignments are made on a first-
come, first-served basis.
Statement of Understanding
I understand that I am applying to participate in Farmington Downtown Development Association’s Fall Festival on Saturday,
September28, and I agree to comply with all the rules and regulations of the show listed herein and at
downtownfarmingtonmo.org. I understand that the earliest I may set up my area is Saturday, September 28 at 7:30 a.m. and set
up must be complete by 9 a.m. and I agree to comply. I understand that I am responsible for all articles and equipment. I
understand that the selling of counterfeit merchandise and trademark infringement will not be tolerated, and if I am found in
violation, I may be asked to leave and my items may be confiscated by law enforcement.
Payment Options:
Check Enclosed MasterCard Visa Discover
Please mail with form to:
Farmington Downtown Development Assoc. No. __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __
P. O. Box 191 Exp. Date __ __/__ __ __ __ CVV __ __ __
Farmington, MO 63640
Date Received:________________ Amount:______________ Check No.______________ Space Assignment:____________