Grammar Activities T-243
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Unit 2 The Mind’s Eye
Lesson A: Infinitives and -ing Forms 1
Circle the correct word to complete each sentence.
1. Rosie enjoys ( watching | to watch ) documentaries.
2. Vijay hopes ( traveling | to travel ) to Europe this summer.
3. David avoids ( driving | to drive ) on highways.
4. We agreed ( going | to go ) to the movie with Ann and her sister.
5. They stop ( serving | to serve ) food at 10 o’clock.
Complete each sentence with the -ing or infinitive form of the verb in parentheses.
1. Gia enjoys
(shop) at Twin Pines Mall.
2. My parents don’t like
(eat) spicy food.
3. Kim wants
(buy) a new laptop.
4. The students decided
(ask) the teacher for more time to complete the assignment.
5. We gave up
(try) to solve the difcult math problem and went on to the next one.
Complete each sentence with the correct preposition and -ing form of the verb from the box.
1. I am looking forward
you next week.
2. Rich is always talking
3. Thank you
my son this afternoon.
4. Ivan is afraid
on the highway.
5. Use sunscreen to protect yourself
a sunburn.
Match the questions and responses.
1. What are you looking forward to?
a. They are happy about getting good grades.
2. What is Natalie afraid of?
b. She is afraid of flying.
3. Why are they happy?
c. I’m interested in becoming a nurse.
4. What is this book about?
d. I’m looking forward to traveling to Chicago.
5. What do you want to be?
e. The book is about traveling in Vietnam.
Unscramble the sentences.
1. forgetting / worry / grammar / about / you / rules? / Do
2. on weekends. / is / studying / He / of / tired
3. having / for / Are / pizza / on / dinner? / we / planning
4. test. / about / Think / well / the / doing / on
about for from
of to
babysit drive
get learn meet
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