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Standard Operating Procedure: AD-04A
Peer Review Form
The Canadian Council on Animal Care, which overseas animal use for research, teaching
and testing, requires that all animal-based research projects receive peer review from two
independent experts prior to their approval by an Animal Care Committee.
The following set of questions will serve as a guideline for this review (please attach
additional pages if necessary), and return the form to the Vice President, Research,
University of Windsor, 401 Sunset Ave., Windsor, Ontario, Canada N9B 3P4.
1) Please comment on the objectives and potential contribution(s) of this study to
scientific knowledge.
2) Please comment on the following:
a) Hypotheses of the study and appropriateness of the experimental design
involving animals.
Univeristy of Windsor 2
b) Are the number of animals proposed appropriate to the research proposed?
c) Is the species of animal/model appropriate?
d) Are there alternative experimental procedures which would address the same
research questions which would decrease or eliminate the use of experimental
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