Canadian Nuclear
Safety Commission
Commission canadienne
de sûreté nucléaire
Name and telephone number of the person responsible for enforcing safe work practices with nuclear
substances in this work area:
Radiation Safety Officer Telephone number
Person in charge Telephone number
General Precautions
1. Inform persons in the area that a spill has occurred. Keep them away from the contaminated area.
2. Cover the spill with absorbent material to prevent the spread of contamination.
Minor Spills (Typically less than 100 exemption quantities of a nuclear substance)
1. Wearing protective clothing and disposable gloves, clean up the spill using absorbent paper and place it in a
plastic bag for transfer to a labelled waste container.
2. Avoid spreading contamination. Work from the outside of the spill towards the centre.
3. Wipe test or survey for residual contamination as appropriate. Repeat decontamination, if necessary, until
contamination monitoring results meet the Nuclear Substances and Radiation Devices licence criteria.
4. Check hands, clothing, and shoes for contamination.
5. Report the spill and cleanup to the person in charge and, if necessary, to the Radiation Safety Officer.
6. Record spill details and contamination monitoring results. Adjust inventory and waste records
Major Spills (Major spills involve more than 100 exemption quantities, or contamination of personnel, or
release of volatile material)
1. Clear the area. Persons not involved in the spill should leave the immediate area. Limit the movement of
all personnel who may be contaminated until they are monitored.
2. If the spill occurs in a laboratory, leave the fume hood running to minimize the release of volatile nuclear
substances to adjacent rooms and hallways.
3. Close off and secure the spill area to prevent entry. Post warning sign(s).
4. Notify the Radiation Safety Officer or person in charge immediately.
5. The Radiation Safety Officer or person in charge will direct personnel decontamination and will decide
about decay or cleanup operations.
6. In general, decontaminate personnel by removing contaminated clothing and flushing contaminated skin
with lukewarm water and mild soap.
7. Follow the procedures for minor spills (if appropriate).
8. Record the names of all persons involved in the spill. Note the details of any personal contamination.
9. The Radiation Safety Officer or person in charge will arrange for any necessary bioassay measurements.
10.If required, submit a written report to the Radiation Safety Officer or person in charge.
11.The Radiation Safety Officer or person in charge must submit a report to the CNSC.
Major spill procedures should be implemented whenever minor spill procedures would be inadequate.
If an exposure may have occurred that is in excess of applicable radiation dose limits, the CNSC shall be
contacted within 24 hours of the occurrence under Section 16 of the Radiation Protection Regulations
For more information, contact: Directorate of Nuclear Substance Regulation, Canadian Nuclear Safety
Commission, P.O. Box 1046, Station B, Ottawa, ON K1P 5S9.
Telephone: 1-888-229-2672. Fax: (613) 995-5086.
x 3524 (24 hours/day)