To: Regional Harbourmaster
Chatham Islands Council
PO Box 24 Ph: (03) 305 0033
305 0044 Chatham Islands 8942 Fax: (03)
Transfer of Ownership
for Swing Mooring
Chatham Islands Navigation Safety Bylaws 2013
If you need help in filling out this form please contact our Council Staff on (03) 305 0033. They will be able to provide some general assistance.
Harbour Area
Harbour Area for Swing Mooring site applied for:
Please tick the appropriate box:
Waitangi Harbour Owenga Harbour Port Hutt Harbour Kaingaroa Harbour
Mooring Site Number:
All mooring holders must be aware that a waiting list for mooring spaces is in operation. Mooring spaces are allocated to those on the waiting
list first. Please contact Chatham Islands Council for further information about waiting lists.
New Owner
Postal Address:
Previous Owner
Postal Address:
Name of Boat:
Dimensions: Length: Beam:
Registration Number:
New Owner Vessel Details
I/We, the undersigned, hereby request assignment of the above mooring site.
Signature of Previous Owner(s) Signature of New Owner(s)
Date: Date:
For Office Use Only
Mooring Site Number: Charges Paid:
Receipt Number: Regional Harbour Master Approval:
Signed: Date:
Failure to give this information may affect your authorisation
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