To: Regional Harbourmaster
Chatham Islands Council
PO Box 24 Ph: (03) 305 0033
305 0044 Chatham Islands 8942 Fax: (03)
Swing Mooring Inspection Report
Chatham Islands Navigation Safety Bylaws, Part 5, clauses 5.6(1) & (2).
Reviewed April 2013
Owner’s Signature Date of inspection:
Ofce Use
Swing Mooring Number: Vessel name (if changed):
Length: Draft: Beam: Displacement:
Bay or Mooring Area: (Please tick the appropriate box)
Waitangi Harbour Owenga Harbour Port Hutt Harbour Kaingaroa Harbour
Mooring owner’s name:
Comments on mooring inspection:
Inspection Report Details
If you need help in filling out this form please contact our Council Staff on (03) 305 0033. They will be able to provide some general assistance.
I (Full name), owner of mooring (mooring number) have
inspected and maintained my mooring to a safe working condition.
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