Terms of Reference for the Policies, Procedures,
Education and Training Subgroup
The Lincolnshire Safeguarding Children Partnership has agreed the following strategic
priorities for the 2018-2021 Business Plan:
Tackling Child Exploitation
Enhancing the Emotional Wellbeing of Children and Young People
Promoting Healthy Relationships
Working Together to Recognise Risk Making Behaviours
Identify and Reduce the Impact of Neglect on Children and Young People.
Identify and Reduce the impact of Domestic Abuse on Children, Young People and
their Families
To develop, review and maintain Policy, Procedure, and Training and Education resources
for professionals. The resources are required to support and promote the welfare of children
in Lincolnshire, through enhanced practice and increased accountability.
Members should have regard for the LSCP learning and improvement plan, the
LSCP training plan, and through the group, work to support and ensure that the
LSCP training plan annual objectives are delivered.
All output from the sub group will ensure that the welfare and the importance of the
voice of the child is at the centre of decision making.
The complexity and urgency of the work professionals do should be recognised.
All activity will be aimed at ensuring the workforce is suitably skilled and supported to
deliver the best for children, young people and their families.
Through its function, the group will promote effective working relationships between
member agencies, professional groups, and voluntary organisations.
The group will provide support and guidance to aid the development, reviewand
maintenance of multi-agency policies in Lincolnshire.
To coordinate, develop, monitor and evaluate all education and training provisions
delivered by the LSCP, and to review its effectiveness.
To facilitate shared learning and gain a better understanding of developments in
policy and training which have come about in response to changes in legalisation, the
changes in service needs, and the implication of Serious Incident Reviews.
Be responsible for reporting to the operational delivery group on an annual basis, or
when required.
To fulfil the identified strategic priorities in the LSCP business plan
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All actions from sub group meetings to be finalised/rationalised and fed back via the
action log 10 days prior to the next meeting.
The sub group will meet a minimum of 6 times per year.
The action log and draft minutes will be circulated no later than 10 working days after
the meeting.
Agenda and papers will be ready no less than 7 days prior to the meeting.
Draft minutes, action log, agenda and papers will be uploaded to the website no less
than 7 days prior to the meeting.
All output and activity from the sub group will be ratified at the subsequent SMG
Actions will be completed in time for the following meeting of the sub group
In order to ensure the group is developing, reviewing and maintain Policy, Procedure,
and Training and Education resources for professionals in a timely manner. It is an
expectation of the sub group that any materials produced will not require tabling on
more than two occasions.
Mobile phones will not be answered without prior consent of the chair at the
beginning of the meeting.
The subgroup can invite and co-opt temporary membership in order to develop and deliver a
particular piece of work. This co-opted member does not hold voting rights.
Membership is to consist of:
Sub-Group Membership
Carol Drury (Chair)
District Councils rep
Karen Hackett (Vice Chair)
LSCP Learning and Development Officer
Mary-Ann Round
LSCP Learning and Development Officer
David McKean
Paul Fisher
Children Services
Sylvia Wilkinson
Children's Health
Laura Evans
Ali Balderstone
Tony Mansfield
Nicola Wilkinson
Rebecca Clift
Youth Offending Service
National Probation Service
Matthew Morrissey
Kevin Baker
Lay member
Hazel Noble
Ruth Fox
Karen Parsons (Children's Link)
Voluntary Sector
Natalie Watkinson
Safer Communities
Lorraine Grantham
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The LSCP AGM will appoint the Chair and members of this sub-group.
The group will fulfil, as appropriate the identified strategic priorities in the LSCP
business plan.
The Chair will provide a report on the work of the group in advance of each ODG and
SMG meeting of the LSCP and provide a report to assist in the preparation of the
annual report and AGM.
To be Quorate the Sub group will require, in addition to the Chair, the presence of 3
members of the group representing at least 2 different core agencies. For the purpose of
this group, those agencies are Police, Health and Social care.
In order to ensure the group is quorate and business can be effectively delivered, all
agencies are expected to be represented by one member of staff who has an understanding
of the strategic priorities relating to Policy, Procedure, Education and Training. Where
attendance of one named member is not possible, it is expected that a suitable deputy be
identified, and that they are properly briefed by the group member to ensure active
Representation at the sub group is expected to be no less than 75%
July 2018
PPET sub-group
PPET_TOR_ July 18