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City of Meriden
Temporary Outdoor Dining and Retail Permit
Per executive order 7MM (as amended)
Business Name:
Business Address:
Applicant Name:
Applicant Address:
( ) -
Email Address:
Landlord Name:
Landlord Phone
Number : :
( ) -
Submit completed application and plot plan by email to
Plot plan : Please email a plot plan to showing the layout of the outdoor dining or retail area, including tables,
access, and any proposed separation.
Serving Time: (Cannot exceed 9 p.m. sun-thurs)
(Cannot exceed 11 p.m. fri-sat)
Dining Type (i.e. fast food, wait service, seat yourself, etc)
Landlord/Property owner authorization is required. Please attach an approval letter.
Will a Generator be used?
Yes No
Will electricity be needed?
Yes No
Proposed outdoor Occupancy:
Will temporary signage be needed? Please describe or attach a picture of propose signage.
(additional signage is restricted to 15 sf)
I hereby Certify that the information provided above and on the attached narrative is truthful and accurate to the best
of my knowledge: (applicant may obtain landlord permission in scanned signed permission letter)
Applicant Signature date: / / 2020
Landlord Signature date: / / 2020
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Liquor service in connection with outdoor dining - Please refer to Executive Order No 7MM
for Liquor Service in Connection with Outdoor Dining.
TEMPORARY APPROVAL - Any approval granted for new outdoor dining area, or a modification to existing
outdoor dining area is temporary and shall expire upon the cessation of any Executive Order prohibiting indoor dining..
It is the responsibility of the applicant to renew any lapsing permits with any such coordinating authorities in the case
they expire prior to the suspension of the Executive Order limiting restaurants to outdoor dining only.
Submit completed application and plot plan by email to
For questions email the ZEO above, or call 203-630-4081
Outdoor Dining and Retail Narrative
(e.g. number and location of tables/chairs, garbage receptacles, safety measures, fencing or other
social l distancing measures, traffic or parking changes, etc.) See guidelines to ensure that your
application is complete
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