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Where are the goods located at time of application?
What is your method of delivery?
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City of Galva
311 N. W. 4th Avenue
Galva, IL 61434
Phone: (309) 932-2555
Fax: (309) 932-3306
Temporary Use
Permit Application
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Applicant: Owner (if not applicant):
Additional Information Required (Foreign Vendors Only)
A Foreign Vendor means any person not residing within the corporate limits of the City of Galva for a period of ninety (90)
continuous days prior to the issuance of a Temporary Use Permit who engages in selling, or offering for sale: food, beverages,
merchandise or services from a stand or motor vehicle, or from his/her person, on the streets or sidewalks of the City; or from
temporary or transient sales locations within the City; or while going from place-to-place within the City. Foreign Vendor includes
any person that may be defined as a hawker, peddler or itinerant vendor.
Additional Information Required (All Vendors)
Have you ever been convicted of any crime or violation of a municipal ordinance?
Yes No
If Yes, describe
the nature of the
offense and the
punishment or
penalty assessed
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Please provide the names of two reliable property owners residing in Henry County, Illinois who will vouchsafe for your good
character, reliability and respectability:
Property Owner Property Owner
Please provide any other
evidence that you deem
applicable that will enable
an investigator to properly
evaluate your suitability to
obtain a temporary use
permit from the City of
Type of Permit
Good For Limit
Tent Sales $75.00 Five (5) Days
Three (3), Nonconsecutive Per
Calendar Year
Truck Sales $75.00 Five (5) Days
Three (3), Nonconsecutive Per
Calendar Year
Foreign Vendor Sales $750.00 Five (5) Days One (1) Per Calendar Year
Seasonal Sales of Produce $75.00
Three (3) Months
One (1) Per Calendar Year
Seasonal Sales of Firewood $75.00
Three (3) Months
One (1) Per Calendar Year
Seasonal Sales of Christmas Trees $150.00 Sixty (60) Days One (1) Per Calendar Year
Permit Fees Must Be Submitted With Your Application. These Permit Fees are NOT REFUNDABLE
Deposit Required for Seasonal Sales of Christmas Trees and Firewood: A refundable deposit in the amount of $500.00 must accompany an
application for Seasonal Sales of Christmas Trees and Firewood to guarantee the cleaning of the lot and any abutting or private property
and the disposal of any remaining trees or firewood by an approved method within one (1) week after permit expiration
An application for temporary sales involving the temporary use of land (for example, the sale of firewood or Christmas Trees) must
be accompanied by plans and specifications, including a plot plan, in triplicate and drawn to scale, depicting the shape, location,
and dimensions of the lot; the location of all buildings or other structures present on the lot, off-street parking layout and the
location of any designated fire lanes. A call-out sheet depicting the materials to be used in and the shape, size and location of all
buildings and structures to be erected on the lot or moved onto the lot, including all tents, trucks, tables, stands or display racks
must be provided separately, as well as an estimate of the anticipated traffic flow to and from the lot and any adjacent
thoroughfares, the anticipated loss of any off-street parking spaces and the anticipated flow of pedestrian traffic upon lot sidewalks.
I hereby certify that that the information provided in this application or attached thereto, to the best of my knowledge and
belief, is true and correct:
All applicants must attach a copy of their driver's license to this application