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Application For
Special Use Permit
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Legal Description of Property
General Criteria Applicable to All Special Uses
Applicant: Owner (if not applicant):
The Plan Commission may require a Plat of Survey before proceeding with a public hearing. A Plat of Survey is typically required
when property lines are in dispute. If you do not have a Plat of Survey, you will have to engage the services of a licensed surveyor at
your expense to survey your property and submit the Plat to the Plan Commission before the Commission continues with your
appeal for a Special Use Permit.
In addition to those uses specifically classified and permitted in each district, the City recognizes there are certain additional uses
which it may be necessary to allow because of their unusual characteristics or the service they provide to the public. These special
uses require particular consideration as to their proper location in relation to adjacent established or intended uses or to the
planned development of the community. You must answer each of the following questions for that consideration to take place.
1. Will the proposed use be compatible with the surrounding neighborhood and uses?
2. Will the proposed use have an adverse effect on the value of surrounding properties?
3. Will the proposed use create a nuisance factor or interfere with a neighbor's enjoyment?
5. Will the proposed use disturb the peace and quiet of the neighborhood?
4. Will the traffic that the proposed use generates create significant congestion or pose a safety hazard
or parking problem in the area?
If you answered
yes to question
2,3,4 or 5, please
explain (attach
additional sheet
if necessary)
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If you answered no
to questions 1, 2, 3
or 4, please explain
(attach additional
sheets as
Site Plan Drawing
You must submit ten (10) copies of a site plan drawing along with your application. The Site Plan must be drawn in a neat and
legible fashion on paper that is a minimum of 81/2" by 11" to a maximum of 24" by 36" in size. The scale should be large enough to
show all details clearly. Your drawing should include the name of the legal owner of the property and the applicant (if not legal
owner). Include the date the drawing was completed, north arrow and rough scale. Include the dimensions of the exterior
boundaries of the site as well as the name of all adjacent streets. Locate and give dimensions of all existing and proposed
structures. Indicate the distance of all buildings to a least two property lines. Show all fences and walls and note the distance to
the nearest fire hydrant. If other data is required, you will be contacted by the Building Commissioner or the Chair of the Zoning
Board or his authorized agent.
For Planned Developments - submit ten (10) professionally produced site plans that depict the property boundaries of the parcel,
all easements and rights-of-way, and all improvements to be located on the site to scale. If a floor plan is required, provide ten (10)
professionally produced documents that depict the layout of the building with the proposed uses of each space identified. Provide
five (5) Site Data Tables that call out the street address, zoning, proposed use, required parking, parking provided, setbacks (e.g.:
front, rear, side), building area and site area.
Criteria Applicable to Planned Developments
Planned Developments are of such substantially different character from other special uses that specific additional standards and
criteria have been adopted to govern use exceptions in residential, business or manufacturing planned development districts. The
Plan Commission may recommend that there be in part of the area of such development and for the duration of such development,
specified uses not permitted by the use regulations of the district in which said development is located. If you are requesting a
Special Use Permit for a Planned Development, answer each of the following questions:
1. Is the exception requested necessary, desirable and appropriate with respect to the primary purpose
of the development?
2. Is the proposed uses(s) of such a nature or so located as to not exercise a detrimental influence on the
surrounding neighborhood?
3. Will no more than twenty percent (20%) of the ground area or gross floor area of such development
be devoted to the uses by said exception?
4. For manufacturing planned developments only: Will such additional uses allowed by the exception
conform with the performance standards of the district in which the development is located?
Bulk Regulations Applied to Planned Developments
In the case of any planned development, the Plan Commission may recommend and the City Council authorize exceptions to the applicable bulk regulations of the
Zoning Ordinance within the boundaries of such development provided the following criteria is met:
1. That such exception be solely for the purpose of promoting an integrated site plan no less beneficial to the residents or
occupants of such development, as well as of neighboring properties, than would be obtained under the bulk regulations of the
Zoning Ordinance for buildings developed on separate zoning lots
2. That the overall bulk of buildings of the development shall not exceed that prescribed in the Zoning Ordinance for the district in
which it is located
3. That the minimum lot area per dwelling unit requirements of the Zoning Ordinance be adhered to in any such development
containing residential uses, and that there shall be available to each residential building and immediately adjacent thereto
(including the land area upon which it is erected) the minimum amount of land area required for such building under the lot area
per dwelling unit provisions of the Zoning Ordinance
4. That spacing between principle buildings shall be at least equivalent to such spacing as would be required between buildings
similarly developed under the terms of the Zoning Ordinance on separate zoning lots, due consideration being given to the
openness normally afforded by intervening streets and alleys
5. That along the periphery of such planned developments, yards shall be provided as required by the regulations of the district in
which said development is located
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City Council Action
A. Upon receipt of the report and recommendations from the Plan Commission to grant or deny the petition, the Council, without
further public hearing, may adopt the proposed variation or may refer it back to the Commission for further consideration, and any
proposed variation which fails to receive the approval of the Commission shall not be passed except by a favorable vote of two-
thirds (2/3rds) of all the members of the City Council. In making any variation, the Council shall be governed by the same
considerations and restrictions as set forth above.
B. No variation in any case shall be made by the City Council without a hearing by the Plan Commission as required by Ordinance,
nor without a report thereof having been made by the Commission to the City Council, and every report shall be accompanied by a
finding of fact specifying the reasons for the report.
Office Use Only
I hereby certify that I am the owner of the property identified in this application, or that I am the authorized agent of the owner
identified in this application, and that this application, to the best of my knowledge and belief, is true and correct:
Date of Public Notice: Date of Hearing:
Fee Required
Single - Family variance requests require a fee of $60.00 be submitted with your application. All other variances require a fee of
$110.00. This fee is NOT REFUNDABLE.