Student Evaluation of JSC Faculty Supervisor
Date: Intern Name:
Term: Fall Spring Summer Year:
Internship Site: JSC Faculty Supervisor Name:
Please be honest and constructive in your responses and use the following scale:
(1) Poor (2) Fair (3) Adequate (4) More than Adequate (5) Excellent (6) N/A
JSC Faculty Supervisor:
Please evaluate the quality of your supervision from your JSC faculty supervisor during
your internship. Please rate the following items, but include other information you feel
pertinent in the comments section. This information will not be seen by your supervisor,
but will be submitted to the Academic Deans Oce to ensure the quality of the
Was clear in his or her expectations.
Gave personal help as needed during the internship.
Was available to assist me if I had questions or problems.
List areas that the faculty supervisor needs improvement along with specic
suggestions or recommendations for these areas:
List the areas that the faculty supervisor was especially helpful: