The Music Department at Sarah Lawrence College (SLC)
facilitates the hiring of qualified SLC students through its
Musicians for Hire program. This service connects clients with
musicians for a range of events. Clients will receive contact
information for musicians that are appropriate for their needs.
The questions on this checklist will help you in planning for
music at an event. We have outlined the various details to assist
clients in an error-free and enjoyable event planning process.
Contact Info:
Today’s Date: __________
Name: _______________________________
Primary contact person for musicians: _____________________________________________________________
Email: ___________________________________ Phone Number: _________________________________
Preferred contact method (if phone, indicate best hours to call): ________________________________________
Event Description:
What style or genre of music are you looking for?
Jazz ____
Classical ____
Folk ____
What musician(s) are you interested in hiring (solo, trio, quartet)?
Instrumentation desired (name instruments or vocal) _________________________________________________
I need suggestions ____
Student ____ or professional ____
Will the musicians be presenting a concert performance or background music?
What is the length of time the musicians will play? ___________________________________________________
What type of event (e.g. cocktail party, dinner)? _____________________________________________________
Approximately how many guests will be in attendance? _______________________________________________
Date and Time:
When is the event? _______ / _______ / _______
Month Date Year
When would you like the musicians to begin and end playing? Start Time: ________________________
End Time: ________________________
Where is the event taking place?
Name of Venue: ____________________________
Address: ____________________________
City/State/Zip: ____________________________
What kind of venue is it?
House of Worship ____
Hall ____
Restaurant ____
Private Home ____
Other _________________________
Is preexisting amplification equipment in the space? _________________________________________________
If you are hiring a pianist, please describe the piano in the space:
Grand/Baby Grand ____
Upright ____
None, pianist will have to bring a keyboard
What is your music budget? _____________________________________________________________________
Who will be responsible for paying musicians? ___________________________________________________
There is no fee to use this referral service but clients are required to pay musicians a mutually agreed
upon fee for their services. The fee must be paid at the end of the event. SLC can suggest a fair rate for all
involved. These suggestions are based on guidelines set forth by the American Federation of Musicians, and take into
account the professional level of SLC musicians.)
Additional Information:
Are there any other details of which the SLC student should be aware?
Placing Your Request:
To submit this form, please save it and attach it in an email to: The
department will give confirmation of your request once it is received.
Sarah Lawrence College
Music Department
1 Mead Way
Bronxville, New York 10708
(914) 395-2407