Student Applicaon for Employment
Submit completed forms to Career & Transfer Services, located in the Student Center at the Neosho campus, or scan and email
your applicaon to Incomplete applicaons will not be considered.
Name: Crowder ID:
Phone number: Exp. grad semester:
Have you ever been employed at Crowder College as a student employee? Yes No
How many work-study hours have you been approved to work each week?
**Make sure to verify with the Financial Aid Oce. If located at a branch campus, you may email
At what campus locaon(s) do you have availability to work?
Cassville Joplin ATTC McDonald County Neosho
Nevada Webb City No preference
What is your preferred type of posion?
Cleaning/janitorial Oce Retail No preference
Rate yourself in the following areas, using a rang scale of 1-10 with 10 being very ecient.
______ Aenon to detail ______ Computer skills ______ Interpersonal skills
______ Email ______ Filing ______ Flexibility
______ Microso Access ______ Microso Excel ______ Microso Word
______ Oral communicaon ______ Problem solving ______ Punctuality
______ Research skills ______ Telephone equee ______ Wrien communicaon
Please indicate your availability for work by checking the appropriate spaces. If your availability changes during the academic
year, you are responsible for updang your applicaon with Career & Transfer Services.
Sunday Mornings Aernoons Evenings
Monday Mornings Aernoons Evenings
Tuesday Mornings Aernoons Evenings
Wednesday Mornings Aernoons Evenings
Thursday Mornings Aernoons Evenings
Friday Mornings Aernoons Evenings
Saturday Mornings Aernoons Evenings
The Oce of Career and Transfer Services will hold work-study applicaons for employment for up to one academic year.
If your aid eligibility or use of federal student aid changes during the academic year, you may lose your work-study eligibility.
If your enrollment status changes during the academic year, you may lose your work-study eligibility.
Do you agree to and understand these terms? Yes Inials: ________ Date: ______________