High School • Emotional & Mental Health
Stressors in My Life
Directions: Reflect on the past year of your life and make a list of changes
related to your home life, school, or friends and other peers, even those that
might have been positive or that you didn’t think of as stressful at the time. Try
to list at least 1 change in each area. Put a plus sign (+) by the changes that
were positive and a minus sign (–) by the ones that were negative. Then rate
the level of stress each change caused on a scale of 1 to 5, where 1 equals
“not much stress at all” and 5 equals “extremely stressful.”
Part 1 Changes
Home School Friends/Peers
Directions: Think about the stressors you experience in everyday life
related to home, school or friends. Make a list of these daily stressors, and,
again, rate the level of stress each one causes you on a scale of 1 to 5. Try
to list at least 1 stressor in each area.
Part 2 Everyday Stressors
Home School Friends/Peers
High School • Emotional & Mental Health
Stressors in My Life (continued)
experience if the stress from these stressors continued without being managed.
Part 3 Effects of Stress
Major Change:
Mental/emotional responses:
Physical responses:
Everyday Stressor:
Mental/emotional responses:
Physical responses:
What could happen in the long term if stress isn’t managed?
I listed at least 3 personal changes and 3 personal
everyday stressors related to home, school and
stressor that could affect teens.
effects that could happen if stress isn’t managed.