Workers Compensation Coverage, required if you have one or more employees, full or part-time. RSA 281-A:5
(Worker Compensation email: NHCoverage@dol.nh.gov)
Documents verifying employment eligibility, (i.e., I-9). RSA 275-A:4-a
W-4 Link to IRS
Register with NH Employment Security within 30 days of first providing employment
Report new employees to NH Employment Security
Mandatory State & Federal Posters Print Posters Here
Register Business with NH Secretary of State Office.
Permission required by NHDOL to pay wages other than Weekly or Biweekly. (i.e. semi-monthly, monthly)
RSA 275:43 I
Form to request paying wages other than weekly or biweekly Complete and Print Here.
Paper Check - Required Offering to Employees. RSA 275:43 I (e)
Direct Deposit Cannot be Mandated. RSA 275:43 I (c)
Payroll Card Cannot be Mandated. RSA 275:43 I (d)
Written Notification signed & dated for every employee. RSA 275:49 I, II Sample Form
Rate of pay - Hourly/Salary, Commissions, Piece Rates, Flat Rates. RSA 275:49
Established and Posted Payday. RSA 275:49 Print Poster Here
Written Fringe Benefits Policy - How benefits ar
e accrued; how they are to be used; and how they can be lost; (i.e.,
termination or resignation).
RSA 275:49
Accurate & Legal Time Recording Procedures & Protocols. RSA 279:27. Administrative Rules Lab 803.01(g); Lab 803.03(f) & (g)
Written Authorization for legal deductions. RSA 275:48 Sample Form
Written Authorization for recovery of Accidental Overpayment of Wages RSA 275:48(d) (4) Sample Form
Arrangement with local bank for free check cashing. RSA 275:43 (e)
Proper Classification of employees Misclassification. RSA 281-A:2,VI (d) Print Criteria Here
For Salaried Exempt vs. Salaried Non Exempt employees, call USDOL (603) 666-7716
SAFETY (15 or more employees RSA 281-A:64)
Safety Program & Manual
afety Committee (Joint Loss Management Committee)
Safety Summary Form (Please find the instructions Here)
12-15 yr. olds, Youth Certificates due within 3 days of first day of employment. RSA 276-A:5 Request for Certificate
16-17 yr. olds, Parental Permission due prior to or on first day of employment. RSA 276-A:4,VIII Sample Form
Youth Hours RSA 276-A:4 IV, VI, VII; RSA 276-A:11; RSA 276-A:12; RSA 276-A:13. Hazardous Occupations for 14/15 yr. olds &
16/17 yr. olds; see state requirements RSA 276-A:4 I, III; Administrative Rules Lab 1003.01; Federal Requirements; and Child
Labor Bulletin 101.
NHDOL Approved “School to Work Program” RSA 279:22-aa; If applicable Worksite Pre-Screen Form
Complete and Print Here.
State of New Hampshire
Department of Labor
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