Special Needs Registration Form
1. The “Special Needs Form” must be updated at least every
six (6) months or as changes occur.
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4. Print this document after you fill it out and send via regular
mail to:
Township of North Brunswick
710 Hermann Road
North Brunswick, N.J. 08902.
Attention “Special Needs”
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North Brunswick Special Needs Registry
The following is strictly for identification with the minimum data requested from individuals with
disabilities and frail elderly who volunteer to register.
Personal/Residency Information
First Name: __________________________ Middle Initial: ____
Last Name: ___________________________________________
Sex Male Female
DOB____________ Date Form Completed: __________
Type of Residence: Private Special Needs Public Housing
Facility/Residence/Community Name:______________________________
Street Address: ________________________________________ *Not a PO Box
Address Line 2: ________________________________________
Apartment Building Name and Number: _____________________________
Floor Level: __________
Municipality/City: ______________________________________________
Phone Number: ________________________
Cell Phone: ________________________
E-mail Address: _______________________________________________
How well do you understand the English language?
Well Not well Not well at all
Primary language spoken: _____________________
If Special Needs, Special Needs Residence Type:
Assisted Living Retirement Community Senior Housing
Group Home Residential Health Care Facility Other
How many people including yourself are in your household?
Live alone 1 other person 2 other persons 3 other persons
more than 3 people
Are you responsible for minor children living with you? Yes No
If yes, how many? ____________
Emergency Contact Information
First Name: __________________________ Middle Initial: ____
Last Name: ___________________________________________
Street Address: ________________________________________ *Not a PO Box
Address Line 2: ________________________________________
City: ______________________________ State: ______ Zip Code: ___________
Phone Number: _______________________Cell Phone : ____________________
Fax Number: _______________________
E-mail Address : _______________________________________
The following information will further help us prepare for your evacuation
Do you have pets living with you? Yes No
Do you have a service animal?
Yes No
Are you bed bound?
Yes No
Weight Range
Less than 300 lbs. 300 lbs. or over
Special Needs Directory Page 2 of 3
Special Needs Directory Page 3 of 3
Walk with the assistance of :
No assistance Another person Cane Crutches Walker
Service Animal Other
Do you use a Wheelchair or scooter? Yes No
Type: Manual wheelchair Motorized wheelchair Scooter
Sight Impaired? No impairment Need glasses Blind
Hearing Impaired? No impairment Hearing aid Deaf
Check all items that apply :
Use Oxygen
Use respirator
Cognitive Impairment
Alzheimer/ dementia
Developmental disability
Mental Health condition
Evacuation Transportation Requirement
Do you require transportation? Yes No
If yes:
Standard transportation Yes No
Can you slide transfer? Yes No
Do you need vehicle with a lift? Yes No
Must be transported by Ambulance? Yes No
The following information will be helpful for your possible stay at an Emergency
Do you have :
Personal Emergency Kit? Yes No
Medication list? Yes No
File/Vial of Life? Yes No
Food Allergies? Yes No
If yes, specify ___________________________________________________
Other Allergies? Yes No
If yes, specify ___________________________________________________
Dialysis required?
Yes No
If yes, specify how often __________________________________________
This form was filled out by Self Family Member Other(name)__________________
I am submitting this form voluntarily, for the use by emergency personnel, in the event that I should
require assistance during an emergency.
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