Spanish Language Assessment Form
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This assessment must be completed by the professor of the applicant’s current or most recent Spanish class.
(Please print student’s name) _________________________ has applied for admission to Spanish Studies Abroad. We
would appreciate your assessment of the candidate’s Spanish ability. Please note that the student’s application cannot be
considered until this form is received by Spanish Studies. Spanish Language Assessments are designed to help assess a
student’s qualification for our programs. Therefore, they will be treated as confidential and will not be available to
How long and in what capacity have you known the above applicant?_________________________________________________
_____They are currently enrolled in my course (name and number)___________________________________________________
_____They took my course (name and number) ________________________________in (semester/year)____________________
Below Average Average Above Average Outstanding NA
Shows curiosity and enthusiasm for learning
Contributes to class
Is well organized and has good work habits
Compare the applicant’s language skills to other students enrolled in the same level Spanish class.
Aural Comprehension:
Of carefully spoken Spanish
Of class lectures
Of colloquial speech by native speakers
Oral Expression:
Range of expressive strategies
Irregular forms
Reading Comprehension:
Of short prose selections
Of newspapers
Of literary texts
Of historical texts
Simple messages, related to everyday life
Research papers in the target language
Correct grammar and usage in short essays/compositions
Flexible, creative use of Spanish grammatical structures
1. Are there any indicators of the student’s maturity and emotional stability that lead you to believe that he/she will not
respond positively in the face of challenging living conditions?
2. With regard to academic success under the pressures of studying abroad, comment on the applicant’s level of self-
motivation, self-reliance, flexibility and open-mindedness.
3. Please discuss any reservations (personal and/or academic) you may have about the applicant that may affect their
performance while abroad.
Feel free to make any additional comments you think might be helpful to us in evaluating this applicant
below or attach an additional document:
Name:_________________________________ Title: _____________________________________
College:________________________________ Department:_______________________________
College Address:__________________________________________________________________
Telephone:____________________________ Email: _____________________________________