Request for Solicitation Approval
1. Name of Person Submitting this Request:
2. E-mail address:
3. Phone:
4. Job Title:
5. Department:
6. Immediate Supervisor’s signature:
7. Division Head’s signature: (if other than above)
8. All proposals must be reviewed by the Grants Office prior to submission. Do you need additional assistance with
proposal preparation? Yes _______ No _________
If so, please specify: _____________________________________________________________________
9. Working title of the project and brief description of the project:____________________________________
10. What need, problem, or issue does your project address? ______________________________________
11. Describe your project’s relevance to the college’s mission, goals, and/or objectives: If funded, this grant
would support the College’s mission by assisting in the dual enrollment program; thus meeting our funding formula
12. Does your project require additional space? Yes No
If Yes, please describe:_______________________________________________________________
13. Does your project require collaboration with others? Yes No
If Yes, with whom will you collaborate? _____________________
14. Please complete the section below if you have identified a potential funder/donor:
a. Funder/Donor:
b. Maximum Grant Award (for funders): $________________
c. Amount to be requested (for donors): $_________________
d. Application Due Date (for funders):
e. Does the funder/donor require a funding match?
f. If s
o, are in-kind donations acceptable as a funding match?
g. De
scribe your prior association with the funder/donor, if any:
Yes No__
Karen F. Nippert, Date
te: This Request for Solicitation Approval must be approved by the Vice President of Institutional Advancement
before a proposal is submitted on behalf of the college. See Southwest Policy No: 4-01-04-01-29:
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