Simmons Community Engagement
Service-Learning Course Submission
The service-learning course designation will help students identify courses that combine community
engagement with academic instruction. At its best, service-learning is a high-impact pedagogy which can
enhance student learning while providing tangible benefits to communities. For service-learning to be
effective in this manner and in line with our values as an institution, we emphasize the following practices;
course integration with quality reflection opportunities, a critical approach rooted in equity and inclusion, and
mutually beneficial partnerships with community.
Service-Learning courses should:
Include community-based learning that is relevant to course content;
Include structured reflection that enhances students’ understanding of connections between course
content and service;
Take into account issues of equity and inclusion in their design
Reflect the needs of the community and include projects created in collaboration with community
Include evaluation by students and partners of the service project, course content, student learning
and community impact. (SCE can provide you with these)
Why designate Service-Learning courses?
Identify courses that meet service-learning criteria in the schedule of the classes:
Enable students with an interest in community-based learning to identify courses that offer them this
Bring greater visibility to the practice of service-learning at Simmons and allow SCE to better track and
document the benefits of this pedagogy to students, the community, and the faculty;
Be eligible to apply for Faculty Service-Learning Funds distributed by SCE
Allow SCE to better support, provide training, and share opportunities with faculty and community
Procedures for designation
1. Faculty complete and submit a brief form by February 19
for Fall courses and September 18
Spring courses. Please note: If you are looking to solidify new partnerships for service-learning courses,
please contact Simmons Community Engagement at least 3 months before the start of the semester.
2. If the course does not meet the criteria for Service Learning designation, the faculty member will be
notified and will receive feedback and suggestions from the Assistant Director for Service-Learning. As
appropriate, Simmons Community Engagement will work with faculty to review course elements to
meet criteria.
Revised form approved by Service-Learning Advisory board January 2020
3. Notification of designation will be sent to faculty members, at least 2 weeks after completed forms and
documents are received.
4. For tracking purposes, a designation form must be submitted for each semester the course is taught.
Faculty may indicate renewal for courses previously designated as service-learning.
Service-Learning Course Submission Form
Academic Year:
Course Title:
Course Number:
Undergrad Graduate
Optional Service or Required Service
Approx. Time Commitment Required per student:
Check here if you would like a
presentation from SCE at the start of the
Check here if you will invite SCE to end of
semester presentations.
Renewal or New SL Course
For New Courses:
Definitions and more information can be found in the SCE Faculty Guide for Service-Learning. The Assistant
Director for Service-Learning is available to assist with any of these course elements.
1. Learning Objectives
What are the learning objectives for your course related to service-learning? How with you assess
those learning objectives?
2. Critical Service-Learning
What issues of power, privilege, and social identities arise in relation to the service-learning
component of your course? How will your course design support equity and inclusion for your students
and partners?
3. Community Partnership
What benefits and burdens do you anticipate for your community partners? Will you use a partnership
agreement? If not, how will you communicate the details of the partnership?
4. Critical Reflection
Revised form approved by Service-Learning Advisory board January 2020
What opportunities will students have to critically reflect on their service-learning experience?
For Renewal Courses:
1. Adjustments
Briefly summarize the feedback you received and/or the observations you made about how the
service-learning component of this course worked the last time you taught it. What, if any,
adjustments are you making this time?
By signing below the faculty member acknowledges that they will:
Provide a complete list of community partners with contact list before the start of the semester or as
soon as they are secured by students.
Provide a complete syllabus of the course before the start of the semester. Syllabi will be used in
programmatic review of our service-learning courses.
Make expectations for service-learning clear to each student and community partner. Practice clear
and transparent communication with all parties involved.
Thoughtfully address issues of diversity, equity and inclusion in the service-learning component to the
Make efforts to stay current in best practices in service-learning pedagogy.
Participate in the SCE evaluation of our service-learning courses.
Please submit a syllabus and list of partners with contact information as soon as they are available
Signature of Faculty
Revised form approved by Service-Learning Advisory board January 2020
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