City of Huntington Beach
Community Services Department
2000 Main Street, Huntington Beach, CA 92648-2702
(714) 536-5486
The City will contact Lyons Security Service, Inc. on your behalf.
A certificate of hire must be filed with the Community Services Department a minimum of thirty
(30) days prior to the event date.
If security is cancelled, the reservation will be cancelled immediately and all deposits and fees will be
The failure to fulfill any obligation within this document and/ or the Application for Use of Facilities
or violate any provisions herein shall be considered a breach of facility use, and will result in
immediate termination of the event and the forfeiture of all fees and deposits.
Security must be present one-hour prior to guest’s arrival or one-half hour prior to alcohol
arriving at location, whichever is first.
Security must remain until all persons have left and the facility is locked.
It will be the responsibility of Lyons Security Services, Inc. to provide the following:
1. Insure only Beer, Wine & Champagne is served.
2. Enforce the five (5) hour alcohol usage limit as stated on the Alcohol Usage Requirements form.
3. Insure alcohol consumption ends a minimum of one-hour before the event ends.
4. Insure alcohol remains within the permitted rental hall.
5. Observe and enforce the “NO SMOKING” policy in all facilities.
6. Maintain orderly crowd control at assigned event.
7. Enforce general Community Center policies.
8. Be prepared to contact Huntington Beach Police Department should the event become unruly.
9. Insure maximum attendance specified on facility application is not exceeded.
I have read and understand the above information and agree to comply with these policies.
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Name of Applicant Date(s) of Event
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