Faculty of Education
Professional Experience
Safe to Practise Health Assessment Form
In accordance with the University’s Safe to Practise Policy and Work, Health and Safety
Policy, all students required to undertake Professional Experience placements are to
establish and maintain their medical, physical and psychological capacity to practise safely.
This form is to be completed if you have made a disclosure in Section 5 of the Safety in
Practice Agreement or have been advised that this check is required. An assessment form
may be requested from an independent medical practitioner in cases where a student has
been withdrawn from professional experience placement or additional information is
Your personal information is collected by the Faculty of Education on behalf of the University
of Tasmania for the primary purpose of establishing your capacity to participate safely in
Professional Experience placements. Your person information will only be used for the
primary purpose for which it is collected and disclosed only to the following persons or
1. Employees of the University who require this information to carry out their duties; and
2. Professional Experience placement providers for implementation of reasonable
The University will ensure that your personal information is not used for another purpose or
disclosed to third parties without your consent, unless such a disclosure is required or
permitted by law. Personal information will be managed in accordance with the Personal
Information Protection Act 2004, and the University’s Privacy Policy. For information on how
your information is being used or stored or to access your personal information visit the
University’s Policy and Delegations website http://www.utas.edu.au/policy. You also have
the right to access your personal information held by the University in accordance with the
Right to Information Act 2009 (Tas).
Please undertake the following Health Assessment. It is recommended that this
assessment be completed by your regular medical practitioner where possible. You
are required to complete the Section 1 of this form, and ask your medical practitioner
to review Section 2 and complete Section 3 of the following pages before signing and
returning to the Coordinator, Professional Experience.
To be completed by Student
I Student ID
hereby give my authority for (Practitioner’s name)
and the authorised delegate of the Faculty of Education to transfer information relating to my
capacity to safely undertake Professional Experience placement in a Faculty of Education course.
I disclose that I experience/have the following medical, physical or psychological condition/s:
Signed: Date: / /
To be reviewed by medical practitioner
Dear Practitioner,
The University of Tasmania, Faculty of Education courses contain mandatory functional
requirements to be practised by all students. All students who intend to undertake
Professional Experience placements are required to establish and maintain their medical,
physical and psychological capacity to practise safely.
The University requires all students to declare or, where necessary, establish via health
assessment their capacity to safely participate in Professional Experience placement. The
above student has disclosed in Section 1 of this form, that they have a medical, physical or
psychological issue which could impair their capacity to safely undertake Professional
Experience placement.
Could you please assess and declare the student’s capacity to safely undertake the
following Mandatory Functional Requirements in relation to the condition/s disclosed by
the student in Section 1 of this form and/or other issue (e.g. injury involving return to work
Thank you for your time and consideration.
Mandatory Functional Requirements
1. Capacity to read and write to enable the student to:
Prepare written documentation relevant to the educational context
Accurately record observations and reflections
Assist students with their reading and writing
2. Capacity to undertake critical thinking and reflective analysis to:
Critically self-evaluate and reflect upon own practice, feelings and beliefs and
the consequences of these for individuals and groups within the classroom
and within the wider school community
Critically evaluate and reflect upon students ‘development and learning
3. Capacity to communicate to enable the student to:
Accept instruction and professional criticism
Clarify obligations regarding teaching practice
Resolve conflict and negotiate with the school community
Communicate with students in an appropriate manner in order to sustain a
positive and safe learning environment
4. Psychological capacity to:
Interact with the school community in a caring and respectful manner
Remain emotionally calm in all situations
Model behaviour appropriate to the professional and the educational context
5. Physical capacity to:
Use technical equipment, which includes having the dexterity to handle and
operate equipment
Physically manage essential equipment and materials
Maintain adequate mobility and/or agility in order to effectively carry out
teaching responsibilities
To be completed by medical practitioner
1. How long has this student been your patient or a patient of your practice?
Years Months
2. Diagnosis:
Note: If this student has a mental health condition, where it may be difficult to ascertain the
current implications of the condition, can you please provide the following information:
2.1. Date of last episode: / /
2.2. Student’s understanding of their condition relating to the Mandatory Functional
Requirements 3 and 4:
3. Do you believe this student has the capacity to safely undertake these functions at
Yes No If No, when do you believe they will have the capacity?
4. Do you have any concerns that this student’s capacity to safely undertake these
functions is impaired?
Yes No If Yes, would you please describe these concerns?
5. Would you please describe any recommendations to the Faculty of Education that you
believe will assist this student to safely undertake these functions?
6. Would you please describe any specialized equipment/resources that may assist this
student to safely undertake these functions?
7. In accordance with specific course requirements, students may be allocated to
professional experience placements which require relocating away from their place of
residence for the duration of the placement. Is there any specific medical reason why
this student cannot relocate for the placement?
Yes No If Yes, would you please describe the reason?
Note: Please refer the student to a relevant healthcare professional for further assessment if
Practitioner name:
Provider number: Date of medical check: / /
Practice address:
Signed: Date: / /