Saddleback College Student Information Update Form
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Office of Admissions and Records
Important: In order to make changes to your name, date of birth, social security number, or educational information, you
must present legal documentation (i.e. marriage license, court order, passport, driver’s license, social security card, official
transcripts, diploma, official verification letter, etc.).
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College of Record Change
I am requesting to change my college of record to Saddleback College from Irvine Valley College ( ) Please initial.
Brief explanation for changing College of Record: ________________________________________________________________________________
Have you applied for Financial Aid through Irvine Valley College? YES NO
Students receiving financial aid through IVC may not change their college of record unless they receive a sign off from a SC Financial Aid Officer:
Signature of SC Financial Aid Officer: _______________________________________________________________________
Signature Print Name
Are you currently in the EOPS program through Irvine Valley College? YES NO
Students enrolled in EOPS through IVC may not change their college of record unless they receive a sign off from a IVC EOPS Officer:
Signature of IVC EOPS Officer: _____________________________________________________________________________
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Major Change
I would like to change my major to: __________________________________________Effective Term______________________________________
If unsure or undecided on major, please see an Academic Counselor for assistance. The Office of A&R cannot advise students on selecting a major
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STUDENT ID#_______________
Educational Goal Change (Please check only one.)
1. Prepare for a new career (acquire job skills)
2. Advance in current job/career (update job skills)
3. Discover/formulate career interests, plans, goals
5. Obtain a two-year associate degree without transfer **
6. Earn a career technical certificate without transfer ** Major:______________________________________________
8. Obtain an associate degree and transfer to a 4-year institution **
9. Transfer to a 4-year institution without an associate degree **
10. Maintain license *
11. Improve basic skills (English, Reading, Math)
12. Complete credits for HS diploma or GED
13. Educational Development *
14. Undecided on goal
15. To move from noncredit coursework to credit coursework
16. 4-year college student taking courses to meet 4 year requirements*
*Educational Goals that do not require Matriculation: 10, 13, and 16 (Exception: All high school seniors are required to matriculate.)
**Eligible Educational Goals for Financial Aid (5, 6, 8, 9) require you to complete Matriculation.
By signing below, I understand that changing my educational information may adversely affect my ability to:
Receive financial aid
Receive a priority registration date
Enroll in English, math, or in a course that requires English or math as a pre-requisite.
___________________________________ ____________________________________
Student Signature Date
Educational Status Change (Please check only one.)
Earned a high school diploma* Date: ______________________________________________
Special student currently enrolled in high school
Not a high school graduate, enrolled in adult school
Not a high school graduate
Passed GED or received certificate* Date: ______________________________________________
Earned certificate of California High School Proficiency* Date: ______________________________________________
Earned foreign secondary diploma or certificate* Date: ______________________________________________
Earned an Associate degree* Date: ______________________________________________
Received a Bachelor’s degree or higher* Date: ______________________________________________
Special student currently enrolled in K-8
*Legal documentation required for these options
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