Saddleback College
Sandra Cubillos-Bezanilla: 949.582.4773,
Mira Manchik, Phone: 949.582.4773,
EWD and Bus Sci Division OfficeBGS 226
28000 Marguerite Pkwy, Mission Viejo, CA 92656
Career Technical Education (CTE)
Book Loan Program Application
Please indicate what assistance you are currently receiving. Please check all that apply:
Financial Aid BOGW EOPS DSPS Any other book voucher or book waiver assistance thru any program on campus NONE
Student Information
Student’s Last Name
Saddleback College Student ID#
Student’s First Name
Student Phone Number
Please provide your Saddleback Student Email address
.Name of your DECLARED CTE Major/Program, must match MySite
Number of CTE program units completed to-date
Number of CTE program units registered this semester
List your current GPA
List CTE Book/s requesting to loan this semester
Check-out and Return conditions: Books can be loaned the week class starts. All loaned books MUST be returned by the Required Return
Date in the condition they were checked out. If a book is not returned on time, returned damaged, or is lost - a hold will be placed on the
student record for the full price of the book until full payment is made. Please note: this hold will prevent student from enrolling in classes
and getting student records.
Course ID Book Information
Start date of
the class
End date of
the class
Saddleback College
Sandra Cubillos-Bezanilla: 949.582.4773,
Mira Manchik, Phone: 949.582.4773,
EWD and Bus Sci Division OfficeBGS 226
28000 Marguerite Pkwy, Mission Viejo, CA 92656
Career Technical Education (CTE)
Book Loan Program Eligibility Criteria
Criteria I: Proof of CTE Program enrollment
Please login into MySite account, PRINT and ATTACH your current semester Enrollments page. Your documents
MUST show the following:
Proof that Saddleback College is your college of record.
Proof that the CTE Program listed above is the same DECLARED CTE Program that’s listed on MySite.
Criteria II: Proof of Financial need
You must show you have financial need. Please provide a proof of approval or denial of your FAFSA application (or a
DREAM Act application). IMPORTANT: If you were not eligible for FAFSA - you might still qualify for the CTE
Book Loan program! Please visit Financial Aid office or EOPS office and obtain signatures required to complete this section.
Type of Assistance receiving: (Please select all that apply) Signature and Date of the Financial Aid or EOPS office staff member:
Student’s FAFSA application has been received;
Student IS qualified for financial assistance.
Student’s FAFSA application has been received but the
Student IS NOT qualified for financial assistance.
Student is receiving EOPS assistance.
Student is receiving BOGW - Board of Governors
Criteria III: Special Population
Student must identify with at least ONE of the following Special Population groups:
Non-Traditional: Student preparing for non-traditional training and employment (such as: males in nursing, females in
automotive, etc.)
Displaced Homemaker: Has worked as an adult primarily without pay to care for the home and family, and for that
reason had diminished marketable skills.
Economically Disadvantaged: Has been dependent on public assistance or on the income of a relative but is no longer
supported by that income. Lost income support.
ESL Participant
Single Parent:
Single Parent who has a minor child/children with custody or joint custody; single pregnant women.
udents with Disabilities.
Migrant: a worker who moves from place to place to do seasonal work.
Certification Statement
I certify that the above information is true and I qualify for one or more Special Populations mentioned above.
Student’s Signature: Date:
Take your completed application form to EWD and Business Science Division office - BGS #226.
Application processing time: up to 3 business days. Books can be requested the week class starts.
With questions regarding the program, please contact
Sandra Cubillos-Bezanilla or Mira Manchik at 949.582.4773