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The operating plan must accurately identify the use and activities, the use area, and the use seasons of the operations proposed on
public land. Make sure the information is complete and that all proposed services, facilities, and dates of use are described. Failure
to respond to any of the items, or inaccurate disclosures may result in delays in processing or rejection of the application. This
outline is provided for convenience only; other formats are acceptable. Additional pages may be attached as necessary.
I. Company Information
A. Company Name: ___________________________________________________________________
B. Address: _________________________________________________________________________
C. Type of Company: __ Sole proprietorship __ Partnership
__ Corporation __ Government Agency
(Attach copies of Articles of Incorporation, Corporate Certificate from the Utah Secretary of State, and
any other business license issued by the State of Utah or its political subdivisions.
D. Date Company Established:____________
E. Number of Years with Current Owner(s):______________
F. Name of Owner(s)/Partners: _________________________________________________________
G. Telephone Number:_________________ Emergency Telephone Number: ____________________
Fax Number: ______________ E-Mail Address: _________________________________________
Web Site: ________________________________________________________________________
H. Name of individual(s) authorized to conduct business with BLM conce
rning this permit:
II. Purpose and Need for the Permit
A. Describe and demonstrate the need for the service or activity to be offered:
B. Describe how the activity enhances the opportunity for visitors to enjoy public lands and their
recreational experience:
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C. Describe how the service or activity helps meet BLM management objectives:
D. Describe how the proposed use area is suitable for and not in excess of the size needed to
accomplish the purpose:
III. Conduct of Your Service or Activity
A. Activity Parameters
1. Maximum and Minimum Group Size: (Max.) _________ (Min.) ____________
2. Number of Staff and Staff to Customer Ratio: _____________ ________:__________
3. Trip length and/or dates of activity: ___________________________________________
4. Activities to be engaged in, including the equipment, vehicles or livestock to be used, and
services offered:
5. Methods and means of transportation, including the numbers and types of vehicles,
including street legal vehicles, ATV’s, boats, aircraft, and livestock:
6. Describe any vending, rentals, or sales of consumer products or services:
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B. Operations Area
1. Provide a map at a scale of 1:100,000 of the public land operations area. Additional, more detailed
maps may be required.
2. Include on the map all staging areas, camping locations, attraction sites, and routes of travel.
C. Environmental Protection and Conservation of Natural Resources
1. How will your operations comply with the environmental protection stipulations of the permit?
2. How will your operations incorporate Leave No Trace and/or Tread Lightly principles?
D. Health, Safety and Sanitation
1. Describe the first aid (including universal precautions) and evacuation equipment that will be
present during your operations:
2. What emergency communications will be available?
3. What is your emergency evacuation plan?
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4. What environmental hazards exist - exposure, flash flood, avalanche, weather, fauna, terrain, etc.?
How will you manage these hazards?
5. What hazards are inherent to the activity? How will they be managed?
6. What safety equipment is used and how is it inspected and maintained?
7. What are your provisions for toilet facilities, dealing with human waste, and washing? How will you
contain and remove trash and garbage?
8. Demonstrate how you will comply with other Federal, state and local laws pertaining to your
activity, including but not limited to:
a. If you are going to serve any food or beverage to a customer, show compliance with Utah State
Law regarding food service sanitation
b. If the activity will involve more than 500 people at a single activity or event, show how you will
comply with Utah State Law regarding mass gatherings.
c. If your activity involves the use of water craft, show how you will comply with Utah State Boating
d. If you
are providing in-patient or residential Wilderness Therapy for persons under age 18, show
compliance with Utah State Law for wilderness therapy programs.
9. If firearms are involved, what are the provisions for safe storage, transportation and use?
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10. Does your operation use livestock for riding or packing? If so, identify the kind and number of
animals to be used. Also, identify how the animals will be fed, watered, and confined when not being
E. Staff Experience and Training
1. What level of first aid training would you require?________________________________________
2. What level of training or experience for the specific activity would you require?
3. What is the level of knowledge of the natural resources and environment of the operations area?
4. If your activity involves visitation to cultural sites, pre-historic and /or historic sites, demonstrate a
basic knowledge of the laws and regulations dealing with protection and preservation of antiquities,
objects of historical interest, and graves. Demonstrate a factual knowledge of the sites to be visited.
5. Have any of your company owners or employees been convicted of a Federal, state or local
violation regarding guiding, outfitting, resources protection, or the activity proposed for this permit?
If so, provide
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. 6. Has your company or its owner(s)/operator(s) ever been denied a permit, had a permit revoked, or
surrendered a bond related to a permit for operations on BLM or US Forest Service administered
lands? If so, provide details.
F. Customer Information
1. Attach a copy of the customer contract including any risk acknowledgment and/or waivers.
2. Attach a price list.
G. Other required permits
1. List any permits required by other Federal, state or local agencies to conduct your activity:
2. List any permissions or contracts required to use private lands you do not own or control:
3. List any permits, current or expired, you have held to conduct activities on BLM or U.S. Forest
Service administered lands:
I certify that the information given by me in this proposed Operating Plan is true, accurate, and complete to
the best of my knowledge. I acknowledge that I am required to comply with the requirements and
stipulations on Form 2930-1 and any additional stipulations which the Authorized Officer may deem
necessary. I further understand that providing false information or failure to keep this Operating Plan or
other permit requirements up-to-date are grounds for probation, suspension, or revocation of the permit.
Signature ___________________________________ Date ___________________
Printed Name ________________________________