Berry Hunt
Each fall, berries are ripening across Alaska. Head outside to find as many
of the berries described below as you can.
1. Take a walk in a natural place. For example, this can be on
public land or in a park near where you live, or along a
sidewalk, trail, or creek.
2. Look for the different kinds of berries that are listed in this
activity and mark off as many as you can find.
Berries to Find
Remember, some berries
can be poisonous! Do not
eat any berries you are
unable to identify.
A red berry
A ber ry that is blue
A ber ry close to the ground
A ber ry off the gro und, above your knee
A ber ry that has only one seed on the inside
A ber ry with more than one seed on the inside
t you have A berry tha never seen before
A plant wi th many berries clustered together
An ar ea with lots of berries
A l arge berry
A small berry
Pencil or writing tool
Berry Hunt checklist
Who or what might be
eating these berries?
What could happen if you
plant a berry in the ground?
Why are berries important?
Draw or write something else you observed
about berries on your exploration. | @BLMCCSC
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