Form valid for Fall 2021 term
Am I eligible for Special Audit?
Special Audit is designed for non-SFU members of the public who wish to take undergraduate courses for personal
or professional interest (not for credit). If you are a current or former SFU credit student interested in auditing a
course, you must enroll in regular Audit, as per the Course Audit section of the SFU Calendar (
Please refer to the Registrar and Information Services office for further details on how to audit courses as an SFU
Note: Not all university courses are available for Special Audit. Instructors should be contacted during the first week of
classes to determine whether their course is available to Special Audit students. Instructors may limit the number of
Special Audit students they are willing to accept. Business Administration, Computing Science, Education, non-
credit and CODE (distance/online) courses cannot be taken on a Special Audit basis.
How to Become a Special Audit Student
1. Attend the first week of classes to introduce yourself to
the instructor and request permission to Special Audit
the class. Instructors cannot grant approval until the
second week of class as credit students have seat
2. During the second week of classes, present your
completed “Special Audit Application Form” to the
instructor for their signature.
3. Once the form has been signed by the Instructor, pay
the appropriate registration fees. The registrar and
Information Services desk will send a copy of your
receipt and completed form to
4. If your instructor uses CANVAS to administer course
materials, you will receive your account access
information after we receive your receipt and completed
Eligible Employees using the Tuition Waiver
1. Follow steps 1 and 2 as above
2. Once the form has been signed by the Instructor, send
your application form and your completed tuition waiver
form to
Cancellation Policy
If you have decided to withdraw from a Special Audit
course, please notify so we can update our
*Fees are non-refundable*
Special Audit Regulations
1. Attendance: Attend the main lecture only. Special
Audit students may only attend tutorials or labs
with special permission from
the instructor and/or
department concerned.
2. Grades: Special Audit students do not submit any
work for evaluation or write exams. No record of
attendance or progress is kept and no credit for
the course is
granted. Grades and instructor
feedback are not provided.
3. Library Access: Special Audit students are eligible
for library cards for limited access to library
facilities and services. Please obtain a card from
the Library at any SFU campus
(Burnaby, Vancouver, Surrey). Please present
your payment receipt to confirm registration. Some
courses have class materials found within the
library reserve system.
4. Non-credit courses offered through Lifelong
Learning and Continuing Studies are not eligible
for Special Audit.
5. The University accepts no responsibility for late
changes in course timetabling or for course
lease contact
Lifelong Learning
Simon Fraser University
Form valid for Fall 2021 term
Please bring your completed form to the Registrar and Information Services at one
of the following locations to process your payment:
Please note: A T2202A will not be
issued for courses taken through
Special Audit. Please contact the
CRA for further information and to
determine your eligibility for any
tuition benefits
SFU Burnaby
3200 Maggie Benston Centre
8888 University Drive
Burnaby, BC V5A 1S6
SFU Vancouver
1100 Harbour Centre
515 West Hastings Street
Vancouver, BC V6B 5K3
SFU Surrey
250 - 13450 102 Avenue
Surrey BC V35 0A3
Special Audit fees are half of the regular domestic student fees and are calculated on a per credit basis. Undergraduate courses are
typically 3 or 4 credits. Fees are noted in the SFU calendar and can be found at: Note that fees increase
every Fall semester.
Are you currently / have you ever been enrolled as an SFU student? Yes No
If you answered yes, please provide your SFU student number: ________________________________________
Name: _________________________________________________________________________________________________
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Address: ________________________________________________________________________
(Apt.) (Street) (City)
(Postal Code) (Daytime Telephone) (Email)
Course Title: _____________________________________________________________________
Course Code: ___________ Section: ________ Credit Hours: _________ Semester: _______________
(Ex. CRIM 101, STAT 101) (Ex. D100, E100, J100) (# of class hours) (Fall/Spring/Summer - include year)
Course Location: Burnaby Campus Vancouver Campus Surrey Campus
Instructor Approval
*Complete only if space remains in the second week of class
I will be using Canvas to administer course materials Yes No
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Instructor Name (please print) Instructor Signature (mandatory)
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