Reference Form Unpaid Volunteer/Community Service
Instructions to applicants:
You must submit two reference letters. Choose referees who can speak to your unpaid
volunteer/community service activities during the
past 2 years. Both referees should not be a family member or a friend. Make copies of this form, send to your referees and as
k them to
provide their references. When completed and signed, the forms should
be given back to you to submit with your application by the
application deadline.
Applicant’s Full Name:
Referee’s Full Name:
Referee’s Relationship to Student:
Information for referees:
The SFU Service Awards recognize outstanding unpaid service to the University and/or the community at
large, leadership and volunteer work.
The adjudication committee relies on references to assess the consistency and depth of an applicant’s
volunteer/community involvement.
Describe what you know of the applicant’s unpaid volunteer activities and/or community service during the past 2 years.
Describe applicant’s role and positive contributions to these activities.
Under your organization, indicate total number of service hours completed in the past 2 years:
I certify that I have direct knowledge of the applicant's volunteer work and the information provided in this form is complete, true and correct to the best of my knowledge.
Referee signature:
Please return this form directly to the applicant named above.
Last updated: January 06, 2020
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