SGA Senator Application
Updated May 13, 2016
Student Information
Received By: Date:
lease complete this application and return to the Student Activities Office (Room 2097) located on the second floor of the
Jack Hunt Building or to Student Services by April 30th. Questions? Contact Wanda Lawrence at
Student ID
Membership in other Campus Clubs/Organizations:
Why do you want to join SGA and what experiences and ideas can you bring to SGA?
I _______________________________, do hereby pledge to follow the Constitution, Bylaws, and guidelines of the CCC SGA and will
represent the College in a positive manner. I further understand that by signing this application, I give the College the authority and permis-
sion to release any and all information necessary to maintain my Senator status to the CCC SGA Executive Council. I have received a copy
of the SGA Constitution and Bylaws.
Student Signature Date
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First Date
Curriculum Program Hours Enrolled
Email Address
Home phone
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Work phone
Three (3) References (Cleveland faculty or staff)
Name Title
Name Title
Name Title
Please list below your class times for each day. Also list other times that you would otherwise not be able to attend SGA functions due to
school, work, or personal obligations.
Updated May 13, 2016
Senator Requirements
Senators shall exhibit a true interest in the welfare of the Student Body.
Senators must not have been convicted of a violation of any law, with the exception of minor traffic violations.
Senators must maintain a 2.5 cumulative grade point average. The SGA Advisor will closely monitor officers’
GPAs and participation.
Senators must be enrolled in at least six semester hours during both the Fall Semester and the Spring Semester.
Senator Duties/Responsibilities
Uphold the Student Services mission and program goals.
Perform other duties as needed to maintain an active and effective SGA.
Attend conferences as requested.
Serve as the liaison between SGA and fellow students.
Senators are required to attend at least 50% of all SGA meetings and SGA sponsored events each semester.
Uphold all Student Responsibilities as stated in the College Policies and Procedures Manual. Failure to comply
with Student Responsibilities will result in an official sanction.
Senator Application and Selection Process
Interested applicants will complete the attached SGA Senator Application and submit by the April 30th dead-
Applicants may be called for a personal interview with the SGA Advisor and SGA Executive Council.
Senators will be selected to fill vacant positions by a vote of the Executive Committee on the interviewees.
Selected senators will begin their term, effective July 1st.
The term of senator will be for one year, beginning in the Fall semester and concluding in the Summer term.
Senators must apply for appointment each year.