Graduation Application Check List
Applicant must submit this completed form to Student Services.
Hours: Monday - Thursday 8:00 am - 6:00 pm; Friday 8:00 am - 4:00 pm
(While classes are in session)
Phone: (704) 669-4081; Fax: (704) 669-4204
A “COMPLETE” or “PENDING COMPLETION” Program Evaluation must be attached to this application before a student can
petition for Graduation. You may print a Program Evaluation or you can see your Academic Advisor (listed in MyCleveland).
* If the Program Evaluation has a Program Summary of “IN PROGRESS”, you will need to contact your Academic Advisor.
Applications WILL NOT be accepted with the status of “IN PROGRESS”.
FALL Application Deadline: November 1st.
SPRING and SUMMER Application Deadline: March 1st.
REMINDER! Any information concerning graduation, including commencement information, will be sent to your student email.
Make sure to check your email frequently for any deadlines, updates, and concerns regarding your application.
Today’s DateStudent Signature
Name Last MI First Date of Birth MM/DD/YYYY
Mailing Address Street/PO Box/Apt # City State
Expected Year and Term of Graduation Choose One Term
List Program Name and Code found on Program Evaluation - (Example: Associates in Arts A10100, Accounting A25100)
Name to Appear on Degree/Diploma/Certificate (Must be a form of student’s legal name) Do you intend to participate in the graduation ceremony?
Yes No
DateReceived By:
Student ID Number
Work phone
Cell phone Home phone
A separate application should be
submitted for each degree, diploma,
or certicate.
Updated August 2, 2016
Year of Catalog Requirements Used
How to print your Program Evaluation (Degree Audit)
1. Log in to MyCleveland with your User ID and Password.
2. From the MyCleveland Students Menu, choose Program Evaluation in the lower right-hand corner
under the Academic Profile Section.
3. To choose the program listed on your academic record, click the bullet beside the program name.
Select the program you petitioned to graduate.
4. Click the “submit” button at the bottom of the screen. The academic evaluation will appear on your
5. Click the print icon on your browser.
Understanding Program Evaluation (Degree Audit)
The Program Summary will show COMPLETE, PENDING, or IN PROGRESS.
Each section will show complete, pending, in-progress, or not started.
Complete All required courses are COMPLETE
Pending Once registered courses are graded, section will be complete
(Currently in the course, or preregistered)
In-Progress Some courses are registered/complete and some required courses are missing
Not started No courses in group have been registered
If your program of study is not correct in our records, your program will not display in this window. You
can use the “what-if” process to check a program of study not listed. To create a “What-If” scenario, click
the drop-down button beside “What if I changed my program of Study?” and choose the proposed program.
Choose the current year as the catalog year, or the year of catalog requirements used.
This will generate an Academic Evaluation Report for the proposed program of study. If you wish to change
your program of study, or catalog year, complete a Program of Study Change Form found online under
Services for Students, Forms or in Student Services.