Financial Aid Office
Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Appeal Form
SAP Appeal Purpose
Federal regulations require all financial aid recipients to maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) in a program
of study leading towards an ACC degree or eligible certificate. SAP requirements apply to ALL enrollment periods
regardless of whether or not aid was received for that period.
If you would like for the circumstances that prevented you from meeting the SAP requirements to receive consideration,
then you may appeal to the Financial Aid Office. Examples of circumstances may include illness, injury, death of a
relative or close friend, divorce, loss of employment, childcare issues, transportation issues, unforeseen events, etc.
SAP Appeal Conditions
Appeals can ONLY be approved for the completion of ACC degrees or eligible certificates. Appeals CANNOT be
approved for courses needed solely for transfer credit for a degree at another school.
There is no appeal for exceeding the Lifetime Eligibility Usage limits of the Pell Grant or Federal Student Loan limits.
SAP Appeals cannot be retroactively approved for a semester that has ended. In order to allow sufficient time for
appeal review before the semester’s end, our office suggests that students submit the appeal before the following
dates. Note these are priority dates and not deadlines to appeal. You may still submit an appeal after these dates.
Fall Semester - November 1
Spring Semester - April 1
Summer Semester - July 1
If an appeal is approved, the student will be expected to complete 100% of all attempted credit hours with a 2.0
grade point average each semester. Financial aid will also be limited to only those courses required to complete the
academic program for which the appeal was approved. Students wanting to change their approved program must
re-appeal. An expiration date for the appeal approval will be set by the FA Office. After an approval has expired, the
student will again become ineligible for aid unless the student submits another appeal that receives approval.
If an appeal is approved, students holding a Bachelor’s Degree will not be awarded grants (gift aid) and will ONLY
be eligible to receive student loans which must be repaid.
To appeal the suspension of your aid, complete these steps
For assistance with this process, please call 512-223-4636 or email finaid@austincc.edu
1. Complete the SAP Appeal Form. In the space provided, write a detailed statement that includes:
o A description of the circumstances that prevented you from meeting the SAP requirements
o An explanation of how the circumstances have changed and the steps you are taking to meet your
academic goals
2. Provide any available supporting documentation for each circumstance cited in your written statement.
o Examples include, but are not limited to, a physician statement, police report, copy of obituary or death
certificate, attorney’s letter, divorce decree, restraining order, employer letter, etc.
3. Submit your completed appeal form and supporting documentation to the Financial Aid Office at
finaid@austincc.edu or fax it to 512-223-7963.
Note: Before a decision can be made on your appeal, you may be required to make an appointment with an
Academic Advisor or Counselor to correct/update your major or to obtain further academic advising. If this is the
case, then the FA Office will place your appeal in a “pending” status and send an email to your ACCmail account
asking you to see your advisor as a condition of your appeal.
Financial Aid Office
Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Appeal Form
Fall Priority Date
Spring Priority Date
Summer Priority Date
Appeal by November 1
Appeal by April 1
(Appeals received after Dec 15
will not be reviewed until after Feb 1
Appeal by July 1
Student Name:
ACC eID Number:
Phone Number:
Semester & Year Appealing For:
Declared ACC Major:
Anticipated ACC Completion Date:
I understand that, if my appeal is approved, I must earn a passing grade for ALL courses in which I enroll, and that I must
complete each attempted semester with a 2.0 GPA until the SAP requirements for a cumulative GPA of 2.0 and cumulative
class completion rate of 67% are met.
I understand that, if my appeal is approved, grades of F,W, I, IP, and NP will not allow me to meet the GPA and completion
rate standards and will make me ineligible for aid.
Prior to a decision being made on my appeal, I understand that I may be required to meet with an academic advisor and to
provide documentation of that meeting.
In the event that my appeal is not able to be processed before the tuition payment deadline, I understand that I am
responsible for paying tuition and fees by the payment deadline.
If my appeal is denied, I understand I am responsible for any remaining unpaid balance of tuition and fees with ACC.
Student Signature:
Submit this completed form and any supporting documentation to finaid@austincc.edu or fax to 512-223-7963.
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