Sponsored Faculty-Led Study Abroad Programs/Tours Approval Routing Sheet
Directions: This form must be completed by all faculty members planning to take students abroad. This form
will not be considered complete unless it includes all requested attachments.
It shall be routed to the following in the order below for review and approval:
1. Global Education Office
2. Department Chair
3. School Dean
4. Assistant Vice Provost for
Academic Budgets
5. Vice Provost for Global Education
Advertising and/or recruiting for the Programs/Tour is NOT permissible until after all approvals have
been received.
DEADLINE: Faculty members planning to lead University Sponsored Programs/Tours must submit
this form by November 1
of the year preceding the date of the trip (i.e. November 2017 for a trip
taking place in the 2018-2019 academic year). The University reserves the right to deny approval for a
trip if a complete form is not submitted by the November 1
deadline. If the deadline cannot be met, the faculty
member proposing the trip may submit an alternative schedule for approval. This request must include a
proposed reasonable timeline for the various approval steps to take place, as well as a reasonable explanation
as to why the November 1
deadline was not met.
General Information
Name of Faculty Member:
Title/Faculty Rank:
Email address:
Telephone number:
Name of Course:
Course Code and # of Credits (if applicable):
Program/Tour Destination:
Dates of Proposed Travel:
Number of expected students attending:
Name and Title/Faculty Rank of Faculty Co-Leader (if applicable):
Name and Title of each Chaperone (if applicable):
Supporting Documentation
Please provide the following information, checking the boxes to indicate that the requisite documentation has
III. Attach the following information to this routing sheet:
A. Rationale and Course Requirements:
Rationale and Course Requirements for Participation/Course Code (if applicable). Include how the
course impacts course goals and why students would benefit from the Program/Tour.
Attach Course Syllabus and include proposed language regarding Americans with Disabilities Act and
students requesting accommodations.
B. Itinerary & Supervision
Attach requirement for Participation.
Names of all co-leaders and chaper
ones attending the trip. Please include his/her telephone number,
email address, and specify his/her relationship to the University as well as if they are a co-leader or
a chaperone. If a proposed co-leader or chaperone is not a University employee, you must contact
the Office of the General Counsel at 732-571-3598 and the Office of Compliance/Risk Management at
732-263-5355 in advance of submitting this routing sheet. If more than 10 students participating in the
Program/Tour, an additional co-leader or chaperone will be required. The University reserves the right
to require a certain number of co-leaders and chaperones for the trip in its sole discretion. Co-Leaders
are those who help organize, prepare, coordinate, teach the course with the faculty leader (if applicable),
and supervise the Program/Tour. Chaperones participate in the program to supervise and have no role in
the organization of the Program/Tour.
Provide emergency contact information on-site for each responsible faculty member or chaperone.
Provide a detailed itinerary for each scheduled day of the Program/Tour. This should include
travel arrangements and lodging arrangements for each day, as applicable. Also include all planned
Include the name, location, phone numbers of where participants will be staying in each country
C. Cost/Budget
Attach the cost for each participant and include an itemized breakdown of the costs.
Specify how each faculty leader, co-leader and chaperone will be paying for the costs of his or her trip.
Specify whether or not outside funding (donations, fundraisers, grants, etc.) has been or will be obtained
to use toward this trip and include the nature, amount and source of the funding. If student fundraising is
to be arranged, provide the proposed explanation students will receive including participation
requirements and the process for crediting students.
Attach a total itemized budget for this Program/Tour and include account numbers if applicable.
D. Refunds
Provide a detailed description of all refund policies (for the trip, airline tickets, lodging, etc.). Include
the portions of participant’s deposits and advanced payments that would be refundable if they were
to withdraw from the Program/Tour.
Attach a copy of the proposed refund policy that will be given to participants.
If fundraising will be utilized to offset the costs, provide a detailed summary of any reimbursements that
will be given to participants.
E. Housing/Hotel Accommodations
Provide details of all locations where participants will be staying/lodging during the Program/Tour.
Include all names lodging, addresses, and telephone numbers. Please attach confirmation,
invoice, or other applicable documentation.
Attach all confirmations, contracts, invoices, and other applicable documentation.
F. Transportation Arrangements
Provide a description of any transportation arrangements (airline carrier, bus, auto rental, rail, other
transportation) that have been made.
Attach copies of all pending airline reservations, including the name of the airline, flight numbers and
departure and arrival times.
Attach any and all confirmations, invoices, contracts, and other applicable documentation.
Attach current certificates of insurance for all common carriers that will be used.
G. Insurance requirements (Health, Travel, Accident, Auto, etc.)
Please provide a detailed description of all required immunizations necessary for travel.
Provide a detailed description of all health insurance obtained and/or required.
Provide a detailed description of all travel and accident insurance obtained for travel.
Please provide a detailed description of any automobile or other transportation insurance obtained for
Attach any applicable travel insurance policies and/or proof of insurance.
Attach the information that will be provided to participants to advise them of these requirements.
H. Travel Warnings
Attach current travel warnings for each country on the trip itinerary that will be provided to participants.
NOTE: These warnings need to advise participants of the need to periodically check the U.S. State
Department Travel Warning sites.
I. Embassy Information and Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP)
Attach a copy of the embassy contact information for each country that will be provided to participants.
Attach a copy of proposed documentation that will be provided for participants regarding enrolling in
the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program.
J. Passport and Visa Requirements
Attach a copy of documentation that will be distributed to all participants advising them that they need
to apply for passports at least 8 weeks prior to departure. Please include notice to participants that if
their passport expires within three months of travel that it must be renewed.
Attach all visa requirements for the Program.
K. Health and Safety Issues
Please include a detailed description of any and all health and safety issues/risks that may be associated
with the Program. Please include a description of any abnormally dangerous activities, consular
information, unusually high crime rates, available medical and professional services, etc.
Attach CDC health advisory information for each country on the itinerary.
L. Written Agreements/Contractual Obligations
Attach all agreements, promotional materials and any other documentation received.
**Please note that if there is are any agreements or contracts, they need to be sent to the Office of the General Counsel for review and
approval prior to execution. All contractual obligations shall be signed by the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs after
approval by the Office of the General Counsel.
M. Assumption of Risk and Release Forms
Please make sure that all appropriate forms are obtained from the Office of the General Counsel for each
participant to sign.
Printed Name of Applicant:
Signature: Date:
Printed Name of Co-Leader or Chaperone:
Signature: Date:
Department Chair:
Signature: Date:
Approved: ____ Yes No: _____
School Dean:
Signature: Date:
Approved: ____ Yes No: _____
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Assistant Vice Provost for Academic Budgets:
Signature: Date:
Approved: ____ Yes No: _____
Amount approved: $ __________
Vice Provost for Global Ed.:
Approved: ____ Yes No: _____
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