Important Notices
Transcript evaluaon is not required for those seeking a WAFC cercate only. In this case, please forward unocial tran-
scripts to Bob Livingston at for review.
This evaluaon form is to be used by those seeking a Cercate of Achievement or AA degree in Retail Management
A student must complete a minimum of 12 units of coursework at Cerritos College in order to qualify for a Cerritos College
cercate or degree.
Only those courses required for the Retail Management major will be evaluated, with course equivalencies posted to your
Cerritos College transcript.
Evaluaons will be completed within approximately 60 days of receipt of your evaluaon request if ocial transcripts are on
Evaluaon requests will not be processed if Ocial Transcripts are not on le with the oce of Admissions & Records at the
me of submission.
Please note that courses accepted for the WAFC cercate may not meet the equivalency requirement for the Cerritos Col-
lege AA or Cercate of Achievement in Retail Management.
Retail Management Evaluaon Request
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Cercate of Achievement
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