Cerritos College Requisite Challenge Form
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Requests must be made to allow sufficient time for processing. Notification of the decision will be made by mail within 10 working days.
Requisite or enrollment limitation you are challenging_____________________Course you wish to enroll____________________________
Please attach supporting documentation and a statement of explanation. Challenges received without documentation will automatically be
I will be subject to undue delay in attaining my educational goal because the requisite has not been made reasonably
available. My declared educational goal and major are: ___________________________________________________________.
The requisite or enrollment limitation is either unlawfully discriminatory or is being applied in an unlawfully discriminatory manner.
Challenging the pre or corequisite on the grounds that it was established in violation of regulation or in violation of the District
approved process (student documentation required).
After careful consideration and against the recommendation of the college, I am requesting placement into:
I understand that if I am unsuccessful in the afore mentioned course, I will be required to complete the required pre-requisite,
successfully complete the pre-requisite before I will be allowed to repeat the challenged course again.
The placement process, (part of which may be the counselor recommendation) is intended to improve your chances of success in a given
course. Properly placed students who attend class and complete assigned coursework to the best of their ability should have a reasonable
expectation of success in that course. Students who attempt a course for which requirements are beyond their skill level are unlikely to
succeed in the course. Students who attempt a course for which they are not prepared displace students who could genuinely benefit from the
class. On the basis of the information available, you have a significantly better chance of learning and succeeding in the course recommended
to you than in the course in which you desire to enroll.
Poor grades or excessive class drops can lead to probation and dismissal from the college. Generally, if you earn a substandard grade (D, F, or
NC), or drop a course, earning a grade of (W), you may repeat the course only once. Your voluntary waiver of the placement
recommendation will require that you do not enroll in the above course more than the maximum number of times allowed without approval
by petition, regardless of your educational goals and program requirements.
I have read all the information above, and I understand the requirements and contents of the course for which I
am requesting the requisite challenge. I still believe I can succeed in the course in which I desire to enroll. I
choose to enroll against the placement recommendation of the college, and accept full responsibility for the
consequences of my decision.
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