Eligibility requirements and student responsibilities are outlined on the second page of this form.
All requests for Letter of Permission submissions require a $10 CAD processing fee.
Name: UVic Student Number: V
Email Address: Faculty:
Name of Visiting Institution:
Province/State: Country:
Corresponding UVic term during which you will be attending this institution: Year: Term:
Check any of the following that apply:
I require a Letter of Permission from my home institution in order to register as a visiting student at the institution listed above. *
NOTE: It will be
your responsibility to provide the Letter of Permission to the visiting institution. If the visiting institution requires the Letter of Permission to be
sent directly from UVic, please notify our office and provide us with the appropriate contact information to send the letter (email:
I am taking courses at this institution in order to receive transfer credit at UVic.
I am aware that the courses taken at this institution may not be eligible for transfer credit. Please issue an “Open Letter of Permission” (
see p.2
for definition
Request for Transfer Credit Evaluation:
List up to 5 courses to be evaluated for transfer credit. You are not obligated to register in all the courses listed, so feel free to list more courses than
you intend to take so that you have options to choose from when registering at the visiting institution.
Please only provide the details (subject, course number, title) pertaining to the course listings at the visiting institution, not UVic.
NOTE: If the courses indicated are not listed in the BC Transfer Guide, you are required to attach either .pdf copies of the course descriptions
as listed in the institution’s academic calendar, or URL links to the course descriptions from the institution’s academic calendar.
Title: Credits:
PSYC 101 Introduction to Psychology 3.0
I confirm that I have sufficient funds on my One Card Flex Account to cover the $10 CAD processing fee and I provide
authorization for the Academic Advising Centre to withdraw the fee from my account.
For information on how to add funds
into your One Card Flex Account please visit:
I confirm that I have reviewed the information on the second page of this
form and that I fully understand the regulations regarding credit for
studies at another institution as well as the residency requirements of the
University of Victoria.
Once complete, please submit this .pdf form by email from your
preferred email address on file with UVic to
Before taking courses at another institution, you must receive prior approval from the Associate Dean of Academic Advising for Humanities, Science,
and Social Sciences in the form of a Letter of Permission. This applies even if you do not intend to use the courses towards your UVic program.
Receipt of a Letter of Permission does not register you in the courses listed. It is your responsibility to communicate directly with the visiting institution
regarding all matters of admission, registration, course completion, and the request for official transcripts.
One Request for Letter of Permission form is applicable for 1 institution, 1 corresponding UVic Term, and up to 5 courses for Transfer Credit Evaluation.
More than any of these maximums will require (an) additional form(s) and fee(s).
In order to receive a Letter of Permission, you must satisfy all of the
following criteria:
Admission to an Undergraduate, Certificate or Diploma Program
within one of the faculties of Humanities, Science, or Social
Note: If you are in a Certificate or Diploma Program you
must consult with an Academic Adviser to review eligibility to
count transfer credits within your program.
You must not be a “Non-Degree” seeking student.
Registration in, or completion of, a minimum of 6.0 units of
coursework at UVic.
The attending term specified on this form must be a term
corresponding to your term of entry at UVic or later.
You must not be Required to Withdraw or potentially be
Required to Withdraw from UVic during the term in which you
have requested to take courses at the visiting institution.
Requests for Letter of Permission forms must normally be submitted
6 – 8 weeks before registering in the courses you intend to pursue at
the visiting institution. This request form will only be accepted
before you commence studies at the visiting institution.
If you will be taking courses at an institution within BC (or Yukon
College, or Athabasca University) you can use the BC Transfer Guide
to view existing transfer credit evaluations. You are still required to
submit a Request for Letter of Permission to take these courses.
Where no specific transfer credit equivalency exists, or when it cannot
be established before taking the course(s), an “
Open Letter of
” may be issued in order to facilitate registration at the
visiting institution. In such cases, transfer credit for courses taken
cannot be assured and will be assessed upon receipt of official
transcripts (and often examples of coursework) from that institution.
In a situation such as this it is important to retain the course syllabus
and coursework from the course for potential evaluation.
Eligible courses taken at other institutions will receive transfer credit
only (i.e. a unit value). Grades do not transfer to your UVic transcript,
although they are used to determine your UVic Academic Standing
Students can be put on Probation, or Required to Withdraw from UVic
based on grades achieved at other institutions
) and they may be
reviewed for any relevant program requirements. Grades for upper-
level transfer credit courses (300/400-level) will not be included in
your UVic graduating GPA calculation.
If you have previously been assigned transfer credit, or if you are
intending to accumulate additional transfer credit, please be aware
that all UVic credentials have residency requirements and only a
limited number of transfer credit units may be applied towards each
credential. For Bachelor’s Degree Programs within the faculties of
Humanities, Science, and Social Sciences, the UVic residency requirements
normally include:
Credit in a minimum of 60 units of university level courses
numbered 100 and above, of which at least 30 units are UVic
Within the required 60 units of university level courses, at least
21 units of upper-level (300/400-level) coursework is required, of
which 18 units are UVic credit.
Certain degree programs and categories (i.e. Honours, General, Minor)
may specify unique residency requirements. Furthermore, if you are
planning to take 300- or 400-level courses at another institution,
consult with an Academic Adviser and review your program’s specific
residency requirements before submitting a Request for Letter of
Because of the delay in obtaining official transcripts, if you register at
another institution during the Spring Term (January – April) of the
Winter Session, you cannot apply to graduate in that year’s Spring
When selecting courses at another institution, it is your responsibility to
review the UVic academic regulations, including duplicate and mutually
exclusive credit, as well as the Faculty and Department requirements
specific to your program(s). For assistance in determining these
requirements, please meet with an Academic Adviser.
It is also your responsibility to ensure that the transfer credit assigned
for courses taken at other institutions can be used towards your UVic
degree and program requirements.
You are obligated to provide UVic with an official transcript of all the
courses you attempted at the visiting institution, regardless of whether
you passed, failed, or withdrew. You must arrange to have the transcript
sent by the visiting institution directly to UVic immediately upon all final
grades being assigned. Failure to do so may lead to denial of transfer credit
or other disciplinary action (see “Failure to Disclose Courses taken
elsewhere” in the UVic Academic Calendar). Official transcripts should be
mailed to:
University of Victoria
Undergraduate Records
PO Box 3025 STN CSC
Victoria BC, Canada, V9W 3P2
If you do not undertake any studies at the institution you received a Letter
of Permission for, you must promptly notify UVic Undergraduate Records
The University of Victoria collects, uses, discloses and retains personal information only in compliance with the University Act and the British Columbia Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy
Act. The University of Victoria collects the personal information on this form pursuant to section 26(a) and (c) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. The information provided in
this form will be used only for the purposes of determining eligibility and permission for taking a course at another post-secondary institution for credit towards a University of Victoria degree. For detailed
listings of the types of Personal Information the University collects and the purposes for such collection, see Schedule A, Procedures for the Management of Personal Information. Should you have any
questions concerning your personal information, please contact the University Secretary’s office at or (250) 472-4914.
Form Revised May 2021